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China Mobile Phones, for rental, sale, GSM network solutions in China
specialized in China mobile phones cell phone rental, sale and China SIM card

Top Up minutes - recharge talk time on China cellular phone number
Topping up or recharge China Celluar phone numbers or Prepaid SIM from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou

China Cell Phone Rental | China Mobile Phone Rental
China Cell Phone Rental for traveler come to China. Know your phone number before departure, Pick-up and drop-off phone at any location in China.

China Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone
An international cell phone with China sim card, will provide coverage in China. With the appropriate sim card, will provide coverage in Europe, Asia,

China SIM Card and Chinese Cellular Phone Numbers
China SIM card with lowest call rates, free receiving call from anywhere in world

China SIM Card | China Mobile SIM Card | 3G
Free incoming calls in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou on China sim card. Low international and China national calls.

China Mobile GPRS Enabled SIM Card
With GPRS,You are able to access to E-mail and the Internet on the move via your portable PC in China.

China 3g SIM card with WCDMA network from China Unicom
Prepaid China 3G Sim card is a fast data connection solution in China for people on move

Two in one Hong Kong, China prepaid SIM card
Two In One SIM Hong Kong China makes your mobile cellular phone communication more convient

Hong Kong SIM card for a GSM cell phone in Hong Kong
A prepaid Hong Kong SIM Card pays the local rate for local calls and use your cellular phone in Hong Kong like you do at home

HongKong 3G SIM Card
HongKong 3G SIM card is rechargeable. IDD and international roaming calls services are also available.

Prepaid Data SIM for USB or PC Cards
Prepaid data sim for China on GPRS and data mobile networks

China calling card has low rates and excellent connection quality
This China calling card works from any touch-tone phones in any Chinese cities, including China cell phones. Our calling card offers great rates calli

Call Back USA, UK or Other Countries from China, Hong Kong
Make Long Distance Phone Calls Around the World for Low Rates. Call Back Services that Connect You to Any Country With Callback Numbers.

China USB modem rental and mobile broadband internet solutions in China
China USB modem rental from only $50 a month for low cost and high speed data usage in China

China Mobile service introductions and tips
Find more China Mobile service tips for visitors, business travelers. China Mobile Communications Corporation is the largest mobile phone operator in

Unlock Cell Phone for China and GSM World
Why need unlock cell phone to work in another country. The unlocking procedure is simple. If you can dial a telephone number, you can unlock via code.

China Internet Access
Check out China internet access options available to the buesiness or lesiure traveller.

China 3g Service
China 3g introduction and configuration sample

China Cell Phone Rent FAQ
China cell phone rent questions and answers

China Mobile Phones Site Search
For China cell phone and mobile data service and products, search those experiences here.

The China Cellular Phone Blog
The China Cellular Phone Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to china mobile phones Web site.

Motorola GSM Communications Cellular Phones for Sale
Motorola GSM Cellular Phones

Privacy Policy
Here is our privacy policy

China Mobile Question
China Mobile Question? Are you having questions on China Mobile service, e.g. SIM card, China data card, etc. ? Here, you can ask and get an answer (f

China Cell Phone Wholesale Sourcing
China cell phone wholesale advice from mobile communication specialists

Getting in Touch And Support With China Mobile Phones
phone number,email and office address in China for China Mobile Phones

China SIM Card Questions
China sim card questions and answers for international visitors coming to China

Buy China SIM card using for each visit
Hi! I travel to China every year.I already have an unlocked phone. Can I buy a China sim card from you and use the same number every year? Consider

China Unicom SIM Card, Shanghai
How can I make local or international calls from a China Unicom sim card I just purchased ? Answer: How to Make Calls from China Unicom SIM Card:

Free Incoming Calls , the Best China Sim Card
What's the best china prepaid sim card which has free incoming call especially in shanghai, tianjin, nantong jiangsu? and also can be reload or to

Does free incoming call China SIM card have data service, and how to order ?
Hi my girlfriend is traveling to China on Tuesday and she would then need a working sim card with free incoming calls. She is going to visit Beij

China Prepaid SIM Card | Free Receiving Call in Mainland China
This China prepaid sim card offers free incoming calls in all Chinese cities except Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao

China Prepaid SIM Card Shanghai Free Receive Call
China Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Shanghai Free Incoming Call for the Cell Phones in Shanghai, China tour

Beijing Prepaid SIM Card
Free incoming calls in Beijing with low domestic and international rates by a prepaid Beijing SIM Card

Guangzhou, Guangdong and Canton Prepaid SIM Card
China Mobile offers cell phone communication in China with low domestic and international rates with a prepaid local SIM Card

a guide to make calls from China Mobile number or sim card
reference manual to make phone calls in China by using cell phones

China Area Code
China area code for making calls

PC Air Card Rental for China
Chinese aircard rental and hire from China Mobile Phones. For use in all parts of China for high speed wireless internet access

terms and conditions for renting China Mobile Cell Phone AIR CARD
rent China wireless data card, air-card for your laptop when rent a China cell phone

About Us
China Mobile Phones is a telecommunications company specializing in the rental of Digital Cellular Phones and other telecommunication solutions to bus

China Mobile Network Coverage
China Mobile coverage in China

Return Call Call back service
China Return-call service offers the lowest international rates when calling from overseas. Take advantage of the free incoming call on you cell phon

China Phone Number, Global Numbers for International Connections
In China or Other Countries, Calls To This China Number Will Be Transferred To You Through Our International Call Forwarding System Instantly.

Virtual Calling Cards for Travelers, International Callback Numbers
Providing International Calling Cards with Competitive International Phone Rates. Using Phone Calling Cards for Long Distance Phone Calls is Convenie

Worldwide Long Distance Phone Calls Made From Your Mobile or fixed Phone
USA Mobile Connect, China Cheap Call, Cellular Phone for International Connections

Personal USA, International Toll Free Number for Call Forwarding, incl. China
China Telecom, We Will Provide You With a Unique Toll Free Telephone Number Which You Can Redirect to Any Phone Worldwide, Regardless of Where You Are

Recharge Your Cell Phone in China
visual guide for placing SIM card in unlocked GSM phone and recharge airtime service in China

Topping up or recharge your China prepaid SIM/cell phone number
online recharge China prepaid cell phone

Must Read Before Arriving Beijing
Advices to Beijing International Travelers in related to business travel: credit cards, electrical outlets, Street signs and more.

China Topping up or recharge your China Unicom prepaid SIM/cell phone number
China recharge or top up minutes on China cell phone

China Unicom Business Profile
China Unicom is the second largest telecommunication company in China

Email in China has no problems now.
Problems with receiving or sending email in China on your corporate email address ? Here is a Solution !

China Mobile Phone GPRS Service
China mobile gprs introduction and configuration sample

China Mobile Phone Setting in Another Country
I have a china mobile model SIGMA FXD T33i. In this mobile the Gprs option is availble but when i want to activate this option it is not suppoted.Will

Ufone GPRS Setting for China Mobile
Dear fellows. following is the setting for Ufone GPRS on China Mobile: 1- Go to Connectivity/Data account 2- Select GPRS 3- Select any profile 4- Go

Chinese phone internet mms settings in Netherlands
I have a PEGASO DUAL SIM mobile. I am trying to get internet and mms settings for this Chinese phone but with no success until now. Could you please h

WCDMA China Unicom wcdma frequency bands
WCDMA is one of the 3G technology deployed by China carrier, China Unicom

Enquiry of FREE incoming calls on China
Just an enquiry. I understand now incoming calls on China mobile numbers are FREE! However, it seems that whenever i replenish 100 yuan, it is used

Hong Kong and China SIM Card
I am looking at getting a China Hong Kong sim card . 1) Will it work in Shanghia and Hong kong. I had a card from another company china-hk teleco

Replacement of China Mobile SIM
My China Mobile sim card will not work anymore. It is pre-paid number. Yesterday I was in Hong Kong and the phone got a reception there for a littl

Guangzhou SIM Card
I have just been in Guangzhou for four days and my Australian mobile (roaming) was VERY expensive when calling back to Australia. I will be return

Free Incoming Calls on Beijing China Mobile Number
I have some questions regarding my son Beijing China Mobile Number. He has already arrived in Beijing. Can we activate the free incoming call fea

China Mobile Number User Guide
I have received China Mobile number and sim card. Do I just insert the sim card into my phone and it is ready to use when I am in China. Do I nee

Do minutes on China SIM card of a prepaid phone expire?
If so, when? Answer If you do not recharge your China SIM card account within the initial activity period of 3 months, your China prepaid SIM ca

Hotel Delivery for China SIM
I will be travelling in China and Hong Kong for 6 weeks starting September 22. I use a Nokia 6120 classical cellphone and I need a China pre paid

Check Balance on China Mobile Number
We bought two China-Mobile SIM Cards recently. Now our gentlemen are travelling in China and using their phones. I would like to know which balanc

Can Verizon Blackberry use China Mobile SIM in China ?
I'm concerned in using Blackberry in China, but I have some questions respecting its use. Can I get a SIM card in China and place it in the blackb

How to Manage Prepaid Account on China GPRS Enabled SIM Cards
I used your China GPRS Enabled SIM card (including data) during my trip to China in 12/23-1/11/2011. It works very well and is much cheaper than the A

Can I use my AT&T cell phone with a China Mobile sim card?
We are planning to change to AT&T from Verizon Wireless as AT&T uses sim cards. I frequently travel to China on business travels and have a sim car

Refill China Mobile Number and China Unicom Number
Refill china mobile number in China and other countries questions and answers

Refill China Mobile Number
I want to refill a phone in China but I am in the USA. I doing this for my family in China.I want to do this online. What is the steps? The phone n

My China phone still not working after airtime recharged
I placed a recharge order on your website. I even received a text message to confirm that 100RMB was recharged on my China mobile number. However,

China Prepaid Cell Phone Questions
China prepaid cell phone questions and answers

Buy a China Cell Phone
My co-worker, from USA, has referred you to me so I can buy a low cost China cell phone with 100 minutes. I will be in Suzhou China on Wednesday, N

Buy a Chinese Cell Phone or buy a China SIM Card
My son's mobile phone does not work in China although it worked in Singapore. I have been advised today by our Australian service provider (Telstr

Can I purchase a mobile phone in China and use it with an Australian SIM card in Australia?
Once I place a Chinese SIM card in my Australian mobile phone here in PR China it reads SIM locked. Is there any way to unlock it, or is there some

How to read Chinese SMS on cell phone ?
I'm about to settle in Shanghai, and subscribed a China Mobile service. I receive sometimes SMS in Chinese (for example, to get credits of mobile

China Cell Phone Rental Questions
China cell phone rental questions and answers for international travellers in China

China Cell Phone Rental Cost
I would like to finalize plans for China cell phone rental when I am in China. I will be in China from October 29 thorugh November 6. I will need

Iphone in China Questions
Iphone 3g, iphone 4g network settings in China questions and answers

Which China 3G network for iphone in China
I would like to use China 3G on my iphone 3G. I'm living in China for five years. I just bought a iphone 3Gs and i would like to use the 3g network

Can I use a China Unicom SIM card in my iPhone 3GS
We're going to China from 9th-19th December, and I'm keen to use my iPhone there. Not so keen on paying 10c/10kb for data roaming! I've read differ

iPhone 3G onto China Mobile Network
I have an unlocked iPhone but I do not know what to do once I get China to get it onto the China Mobile Network. Do I just have to go get a China

Will iphone 4s bought in the US work in China with China Mobile SIM cards?
I'm also concerned about the micro SIM. Answer: There are 3 different types of 3G network technology operated in China. Each network was assigned

China Mobile and the iPhone's GPS
I bought an iPhone last week in HK, all operations in China is very good, but does it support China Mobile's network in the iPhone GPS ? Does this

Mobile Phone Applications Questions
Mobile phone applications for China travel questions and answers

Cell phone with electronic dictionary
I think the iPhone is my best choice for electronic dictionary, but it seems there is no English - Chinese (Pinyin) dictionary available. Anyone kn

Mobile ( Cell ) Phone Tracking
hi'would you tell me how to find position of any user of a mobile phone number based on Gprs or anywhere. thanks for your guids. Answer: Mobile

China Mobile Settings Questions
China mobile setting questions on network configuration and set up in China

China Mobile GPRS Setting on PC Card
Have tried to connect to internet with the China data card you sent but it isn't working. I am using the Sierra Watcher software and a Sierra Wir

China Mobile Phones Setting Up
IS there generic infomation abailable to configure china made phones. I am interested in phones on china vasion, but they do not offer technical su

China Mobile Wap Setting
Do you know how I can enable WAP ? How does it work ? Answer: WAP stands for Wireless Access Protocol, and is more commonly referred to as Mobile

How to set up China Mobile Voicemail?
Answer: Voicemail For Shanghai, China Mobile Numbers To activate voicemail function, please call customer service number 10086 or visit Shanghai C

Need help Emailing a cellphone or mobile phone in China?
Tried to send my girlfriend an MMS containing a picture, but my phone flipped out an error saying that there was an error resolving the recipient's

Is it possible to send MMS / Picture text in China to overseas mobiles?
Since arriving in China and using both my Australian SIM card and a one with China Mobile, I have been unable to send MMS / picture text messages f

How to Stop Mobile phone Spam in China
Mobile phone Spam in China Everytime I get a call whether I miss it or not I get a message in Chinese saying I got a call. How can I keep them fro

International text message (SMS)
International text message (SMS). I am now ready to order ONE China SIM card for delivery to a Beijing hotel. I need to know if in addition to int

Hong Kong SIM Card Questions
Hong Kong SIM card for international travellers questions and answers

Hong Kong SIM
Hong Kong SIM: I would like to enquire on more details about your product. I would like to know if you offer Hong Kong local numbers in Hong Kong s

Hong Kong SIM Card Shipping Time
What is Hong Kong SIM card shipping time? I live in New York City in the USA and will be studying in Honk Kong starting January 3rd. If I order a H

Wireless Internet in China
wireless internet in China solutions

China 3G SIM Card Cost
Referring to your China 3G SIM Card for US$49, there is this section: The free incoming call feature and data package can be activated on the sam

Wifi access in China ?
Can I access free Wifi in China? I am thinking of buying a Sony Mylo2 in America and bring it to China. This is a small communicator, using WiFi fo

China 3G bandwidth for iPad
I am traveling to China in March 2011. I am interested in purchasing 3G GSM bandwidth for my iPad so I can use it during my visit. What do you rec

Which China 3G SIM card would you recommend?
Which China 3G SIM card would you recommend? I prefer one that has a good coverage in the rural areas and gives the greatest value to the user e.g, FR

Wireless Internet on PC in China
How can I have wireless internet on my labtop ? I am visiting China in December and would like to know. Answer: You need a PCMCIA or PC Card mo

Has China Mobile or China Unicom got email outgoing server ?
When I am in China and use China SIM-card, I have a problem sending mails. Receiving is Ok! The outgoing server I use in Denmark is my Phone and

Has a pre-paid sim card from China HK-Telecom got 3G service?
I currently am in Europe, but already have a pre-paid sim card from China HK-Telecom (works both in China and Hong Kong). This sim is valid for max

Cell Phone Roaming in China Questions
Foreign cell phone roaming in China questions and answers

What have you been charged for roaming on your mobile phone in China?
I'm thinking of using my Verizon phone in China next year. They only charge 69 cents per minute on CDMA and 1.25 per minute on GSM for local calls

Can North American cell phone work in China ?
My American cell phone is locked by the carrier. I would like to get both cellular phone coverage and e-mail if possible when on my first trip to C

Can China mobile phone roam in Japan ?
I recently travelled to Japan with my China mobile phone and it didn't work. I hadn't realised it wasn't set up for roaming. How can I set it up or do

How to set up Blackberry roaming in China and Hong Kong
I have a Blackberry Tour 9630 Smartphone with Verizon Wireless Service from the United States. I am supposed to have international roaming ability

China Mobile User Guide and Call Guide
China Mobile user guide and calling guide

How to call a mobile phone in China from France
How to call a mobile phone in China from my country ? I need to call the mobile phone in China(Shenzen city) but I don't know how to call mobile ph

How to Use a China Mobile Recharge Card
I recently bought a pay-as-you-go China Mobile SIM card at my local convenience store in Beijing. While trying to get it to work I ran into a few p

Using China mobile what is the code for long distance
If I am using China mobile what is the code for long distance? They gave me a series of about 4 numbers to dial before dialling internationally and

China Mobile SMS, can send but can't receive
Thank you for fixing the voice issue. I am still unable to receive China Mobile sms, text messages after this re-charge, although I am able to send

Blackberry, China GPRS SIM Card
I would like to use a blackberry phone that I own while visiting China in a couple of weeks. It is ccurrently NOT activated in the US, but i would

China Mobile USB broadband for internet?
The USB stick you plug into your laptop so when you are on the train or at a cafe you can surf the web? I have not seen any in China! Thanks! Answ

check balance via internet
How can I check my current account balance via internet and using a personal computer. thanks in advance.

China Virtual Phone Number
I was wondering what the process would be and how long it would take to get a chinese phone number that we could use here in the united states tha

Motorola V66 GSM Communications Cellular Phones
Motorola V66 GSM Cellular Phones

Motorola A6288 GSM Communications Cellular Phones
Motorola A6288 GSM Cellular Phones

cell phone buy conditions
GSM unlocked cell phone information and conditions to buy GSM cell phones online

China Mobile International Roaming
China Mobile international roaming tariffs are significantly reduced to 0.99 yuan, 1.99 yuan and 2.99 yuan per minute from Feb 01 2013

China Mobile Roaming SIM Card
China Mobile Roaming SIM Card is prepaid SIM card roaming in 29 countries

China SMS Text Messages - Information and Advice
Information on China SMS, Short Messaging Service. help and options for sending text messages from your mobile phone

China Mobile Short Message Service Center Numbers
List of China Mobile Short Message Service Center Numbers includes all Chinese cities

China Unicom Short Message Service Center Numbers
List of China Unicom Short Message Service Center Numbers in 31 provinces

China Mobile International Roaming Tariff
China Mobile International Roaming Tariff Table. New rates started from February 1, 2013

GSM Cell Phone FAQs
China GSM Cell Phone FAQs

China WiFi information, help and advice
Information, advice on China wifi wireless networking,especially for cell phones and handheld devices

Buy China mobile phone in China
Advice for people who buy China mobile phone when they are in China

China Pay As You Go Mobile Phone For Sale
Offers China cell phone solutions with prepaid sim cards and world phones

Cell Phone For China Order Form
order cell phone package for a China trip

Information on GSM Unlocked Cell Phones For China
Unlocked GSM Cell Phone frequencies or bands introduction

China Mobile Blackberry Service
China Mobile Blackberry service plans, tariff and how to apply.

China Mobile iPhone 5
China Mobile supports iPhone 5 use in China

How Iphone Working with foreign sim cards
Steps for Iphone working with foreign mobile networks: sim cards

China USB Modem Rental Order Form
China USB Modem Rental Order Form, please fill in.

China 3G Coverage - China Unicom
China 3G coverage cities, more Chinese cities will be covered soon.

China Data SIM Card
China data sim card for USB modem (labtop), Ipad, Aircard and more mobile devices

Hong Kong 3g SIM Rate
Hong Kong 3g SIM Rate for International calls: provides economical and convenient IDD calls to all customers.

China Mobile MMS Picture Messaging Information
China mobile mms setting up information

Hong Kong SIM local,IDD and Roaming Call Rate/Tariff
Hong Kong cell phone local,IDD and Roaming Call Rate/Tariff

Global SIM Card | International SIM Card
Global SIM card for travel abroad, free incoming calls, cheap outgoing calls for the most countries.

One China SIM card for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
One China Mobile cell phone number for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

China cell phones long term organizational users include:
Company corporate users names and reference

Cellular Phone Models for China Phone Rental
China Mobile Phone features for rental service and renting booking form for China trip

China cell phone package $89.00 includes a China SIM card and $7 airtime minutes credit

CHINA CELL PHONE RENTALS - Best Email Cellular & Mobile Rentals in China
China Cellular Rentals offer you the lowest cost cellular phone rentals and airtime rates in China. Perfect for the business traveler.

Carrier Information and Domestic Coverage
China mobile has a domestic network coverage of 99 per cent. of the cities and towns within its service areas.

Siemens A50 (1168) Unlocked Cell Phone
Unlocked cell phone for China trip

Global System Mobile Communications Cellular Phones
GSM unlocked cellular phones for the Global System Mobile cellular operating system. Purchase a GSM phone for use with the 900,1800, and 1900 GSM buad

when is it better time to buy
If you are going to be in China for more than 6 weeks it is better to purchase a used cell phone instead of renting

Nokia GSM Communications Cellular Phones
Nokia GSM Cellular Phones

Nokia 3310 GSM Cellular Phone
Nokia 3310 GSM Cellular Phones

Nokia 3210 GSM Communication Cellular Phones
Nokia 3210 GSM Cell Phones featutes

Nokia 7210 GSM Communications Cellular Phones
Nokia 7210 GSM Cellular Phones

Nokia 6100 GSM Communications Cellular Phones
Nokia 6100 GSM Cellular Phones

Ericsson GSM Communications Cellular Phones For Sale
Ericsson GSM Cellular Phones

Ericsson T39 gsm Communications Cellular Phones
Ericsson T39 gsm Communications Cellular Phones for sale

Chinamobile offers free WLAN service
mobile Internet users of Chinamobile can get free access to an all-round wireless local area network (WLAN) in the city's hotspots

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