How to Stop Mobile phone Spam in China


Mobile phone Spam in China

Everytime I get a call whether I miss it or not I get a message in Chinese saying I got a call. How can I keep them from reaching me?

The text message after calls is a service you'll be able to get switched off, it's called "little secretary" in English. Get someone to phone your provider and require for no "secretary" services.

Secondly, The feasible way, I think, is to reduce the times of your number being exposed to other people (like, various clubs, internet,etc).

China Mobile can stop spam messages if sent from internet (website), some senders regular numbers beginning with 1065 . By call 10086, they switch off a feature called 'Yi Dong Meng Wang' to stop spam.. However, they can not control spam messages from individual numbers, such as numbers beginning with 13.

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