Which China 3G SIM card would you recommend?

by Bob

Which China 3G SIM card would you recommend? I prefer one that has a good coverage in the rural areas and gives the greatest value to the user e.g, FREE minutes and value added services (if available) every month.

I prefer 100% for talk time and SMS rather than data downloads! I don't wish to pay a minimum every month. Although recently I have spent 500RMB within 1.5 weeks! I believe it is due to the China Mobile EasyTone card that I'm using!! No free incoming calls!!

When I finish the talk time, I would just prefer to recharge accordingly.

I noticed you have a $49 China 3G Unicom card for sale on your website but not the China Mobile. Any reason??

I also noticed the China Call Back option on your website is not available as well. I believe the Call Back service is also another low cost service that will allow one to save more using the FREE incoming calls.

I'm currently using a genuine NOKIA N8 so it is a 2G-3.5G phone. However, I don't use all other
functions except for phone and SMS which includes international and domestic long distance.

I need your recommendations based on the need for FREE incoming calls, 100% talktime & SMS, no data
downloads required and to be able to recharge as and when needed plus FREE bonuses every month.
Another thing is that I have 2 (two) 3G data cards. However, it cannot be access in rural areas. What other options are available for me to enable Internet Access? I'm taking of taking up the China Unicom Home Broadband+Mobile package or any other cheaper plans from China Netcom. However, not much is said about get a fixed line to the rural site. Is it expensive?? Do you provide such a service for expats in China??

Is there an option available for me to recharge the 3G data cards online and verify the recharge status? I do not wish to go down to town just to buy a recharge card because it is far away and moreover now it is winter time and it is freezing cold when the wind blows!!! LOL!

China Unicom 3G SIM card works with the most world phone with WCDMA band. And China Mobile 3G SIM Card has China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network. Its 3G network works on China Mobile 3G phones (not world WCDMA phone) only though you can use 2G phone by the China Mobile 3G SIM card. But the data speed can be slow as GPRS/ EDGE.

Then, I recommend China Unicom 3G SIM Card. China Mobile 3G SIM card works GPRS/ EDGE only on your 3G phone, not real 3G.

Call back option from our USA partner is available at
Call Back

No matter you use a China Mobile or China Unicom 3G phone number, we can do recharge on both SIM cards.

We can recharge the 3G data cards online if you know the number associated. If you know a password, we can check the status for you.

We will introduce 3G data cards (Broadband mobile stick) from China Netcom on our site soon. Then, I will email you all related information.

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