Buy a Chinese Cell Phone or buy a China SIM Card

by Mary

My son's mobile phone does not work in China although it worked in Singapore. I have been advised today by our Australian service provider (Telstra) that his SIM card will not work and he needs a new one to pick up the network in China. I am wondering if it is easy enough for him to either:
1. Buy a new Chinese cell phone, sim card and prepaid phone credit that we can get a new sim card for in Australia when he returns so that it will work here; (or)
2. Buy a new sim card and put it into his current phone?
The tour group will be staying at the Beijing Ningxia Hotel - I am also wondering what types of phone shops are close by?


Both ways should be easy. I recommend to try the second one first: to buy a new sim card and put it into his current phone. If his Australian phone is unlocked, it should work with a China prepaid sim card as the phone is a GSM 1800/900 bands phone.

Please find Unlock Cell Phone Information

The most Chinese cell phones in China is unlocked GSM phone. So he may purchase one and use it in Australia later.

We can provide online recharge service for his China Mobile number if needed:

Online Recharge Service

The front desk guys in hotel can give him directions about the nearest China Mobile shop.

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