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In this article, you will find tips and tricks for safe and fast ordering at AliExpress. You will also find a list of recommended shops (sellers on AliExpress) and reviews and experiences with AliExpress. If you follow the basic rules for shopping at AliExpress, you can shop safely at AliExpress.

aliexpress shopping guide

Aliexpress shopping guide part 1:

Who is AliExpress? is the largest sales platform in the world on which sellers can offer their products. AliExpress is mainly used in China and the rest of Asia, mainly for export to Europe and America.

AliExpress is a direct subsidiary of the stock exchange company Alibaba and, unlike the B2B Alibaba shop, is also aimed directly at end customers. The auction house Taobao, which has a market share of 70% in China, is also affiliated with the Alibaba Group. For international customers, however, the platform Taobao is hardly usable and you can only order through intermediaries.

For Europe and other countries, Aliexpress is the best way to order direct from the Far East. This trading platform is a real paradise for bargain hunters.

Is AliExpress trustworthy, reputable and secure?

This question can not be answered generally. Basically, every seller - just like on Ebay or Amazon - can sell their products in the AliExpress online shop. There are many reputable and trustworthy shops among the sellers on However, there are also a few black sheep. However, the number of fraudsters is limited. If you follow the tips and tricks from this article when shopping, you will not have any problems with fraudsters and you will shop safely. The information provided here is intended to help you shop safely and easily at AliExpress. Fraudsters are usually very easy to identify. As soon as you have found a dealer for your desired product, simply work through the following checklist from top to bottom.

Seller checklist:

1. Has the seller received more than 95% positive feedback on AliExpress? In which period?

sellers rating at AliExpress comExample: a serious review profile

To see the ratings of the provider, you just have to click on the diamonds above. Then you can display the negative, neutral and positive reviews. You can of course also check here whether there were no or many negative reviews in the last month. If the “positive feedback rate” is over 95%, then you have absolutely no need to worry that your product will be popular. Plagiarism and forgeries are also excluded in this case. A minimum of 100 reviews in the last month required.

2. Does the seller specialize in the product you want or does he offer everything?

To ensure a good service, you should only order from specialized dealers. Simply click into the product overview of the respective shop. Smartphones and cell phones can be bought from electronics retailers. Clothing accordingly is at the clothes dealer.

3. Which sellers should I avoid?

Avoid sellers with few ratings and sellers who have only received ratings for very cheap products. In addition, you should only buy cell phones that you can be sure will exist.  (Has the device been tested on a reputable website?)! If the general market price is significantly undercut (e.g. a $200 mobile phone for less than $100), fraud is also to be expected.

Aliexpress shopping guide part 2: 

What do I have to consider when ordering from AliExpress?

The stores listed below are recommended for purchasing smartphones, tablets and accessories. Here you are dealing with reputable sellers who have already been rated by thousands of customers. The shops listed below are all reliable and reputable sellers with mostly positive reviews. The warranty conditions are also the same as those of the other China online shops. When buying a mobile phone on Aliexpress, you are also covered by the Aliexpress buyer protection and insurance from Allianz Global.

Payment options at AliExpress

In Aliexpress you can choose between Paypal, credit card, Sofortü , Gyropay choose and more. All payments are made via Alipay, but this has no consequences for the buyer. Paypal payments are not accepted by every seller on the trading platform. The usual PayPal buyer protection is sometimes omitted, but the payment methods also offer clear advantages. All you need is a bank account with online banking or a valid credit card to shop at In addition, AliExpress offers its own buyer protection. Your money will first be paid to and not transferred to the seller.

The AliExpress Buyer Protection 'Buyer Protection'

AliExpress guarantees the delivery and that the product corresponds to the description for all orders. All sales through Aliexpress have Alipay Buyer Protection. When you buy a product, your money is not forwarded directly to the seller, but rather accepted by Aliexpress as a trustee. Only when you confirm that you have received a correct product that corresponds to the description will the AliExpress seller receive his money. If no package arrives, AliExpress will reimburse you for the entire money, including shipping costs. If a wrong product or a defective device is delivered, you can either come to an agreement with the seller or send the goods back. In this case, too, AliExpress will refund your money. Good dealers also offer other safeguards:

On-Time Delivery: The product must be at your door within a time defined by the seller. If this is not the case, you will get your money back. The 'On-Time-Delivery' period can be found at the bottom of the product description.

Guaranteed Genuine: In this case, the retailer guarantees that an original product is being sent. If you still receive a fake, your money will be refunded.

Easy Returns: Merchants who ship from European warehouses or other countries warehouses can offer this service. In this case you can send the purchased products back to the warehouse if you don't like them.

AliExpress and customs

When ordering from AliExpress, the same provisions apply as in any other online shop. The import regulations can be found in our customs article.

All AliExpress sellers listed and recommended by us below specialize in Europe and take over the customs clearance of your order or already deliver directly from a German dispatch warehouse.

In the Mi Global Store you can order with DHL-Express and the goods will arrive at your doorstep at no additional cost. The GO Top Smartphone Shop  and the Cubot Official Store even offer direct shipping from German. Of course, there are no further costs here either. You can recognize products that are sent directly from Germany by the option “Domestic Delivery” - “Germany”. Many of the small China manufacturers such as Cubot, Blackview, UMI or Leagoo also have their own official shops with shipping directly from Germany on Aliexpress.

Here we take German as an example, you can use the same method to find if there is no additional cost or send an email to the seller.

Guarantee and warranty

Since AliExpress is an international trading platform, there are no statutory returns or warranty provisions, as is common in EU. Each shop defines its own guarantee terms. However, AliExpress offers a comprehensive service for smartphones for buyers in German. You may check this for your own country. Most cell phones come with a one-year replacement warranty. If you have any problems with your smartphone, a new device will be made available to you free of charge or the device will be repaired within 20 days. Insurance service provider is the company "Allianz Global" with its headquarters in Munich.

If you have any problems, simply write an email to '' to activate the guarantee. You can see directly on the product page whether your smartphone is covered by the one-year guarantee.  You may check this for your own country.

Warranty AliExpress

Reputable sellers

Mi Global Store

Mi Global Store


Low prices for all smartphones and cell phones. 


DHL Express is always available. Shipping via England, customs clearance is carried out by the seller, no additional costs for all orders with DHL.

Shipping time and shipping methods            

Shipping within 24 hours, depending on the smartphone and availability. Shipping is always from China.

Evaluation profile            

In the last 6 months: 3354 ratings, only 81 neutral and 103 negative (98.1% positive ratings).


We recommend paying with Sofortü Credit card is also available. 

Orders & experience            

Our customers have ordered 5 times from Mi Global Store. Each time the goods reached them within 9 days, they were well packaged and functional.

GoTop smartphone

GoTop smartphone


Low prices for all smartphones and cell phones.


Many smartphones with shipping from Europe. Smartphones from China should not be ordered as this would result in additional high costs.

Shipping time and shipping methods            

Delivery takes place within 7 days. Usually after 3 days.

Evaluation profile            

In the last 6 months: 20456 ratings, of which only 236 were neutral and 179 negative (99.1% positive ratings) .


We recommend paying with Sofortü or Paypal.

Orders & experience          

Our customers have ordered 3 times from GoTop. Each time the goods reached them within 5 days, they were well packaged and functional.

Cubot Official Store

Cubot Official Store at Aliexpress


Low prices for all smartphones and cell phones.


Almost all Cubot smartphones directly from Europe and the USA.

Shipping time and shipping methods          

Shipping within 72 hours, depending on the smartphone and availability. Shipping is mostly from Germany or Poland.

Evaluation profile          

In the last 6 months:  5751 ratings, only 115 neutral and 162 negative (97.3% positive ratings).


We recommend paying with Sofortü or Paypal.

Orders & experience          

Our customers have ordered 5 times from Cubot Official Store. Each time the goods reached them within 7 days, they were well packaged and functional.

Aliexpress shopping guide part 3: 

The 5 golden rules

  1. Only buy in well-rated shops
  2. Read the product description carefully and completely
  3. Note the shipping time of the product
  4. Check the rating of the selected product
  5. Do not open a dispute before the goods have arrived

Alternatives to Aliexpress

In addition to Aliexpress as the largest sales platform in the world, other Chinese e-commerce giants also provide similar sales platforms. The most famous besides Alibaba are DHgate and Joybuy. Joybuy is an online shop of the Chinese mega online shop On Joybuy you can find a similar range of products as on Aliexpress, but you can always pay with PayPal. However, the website is still growing and will be a strong competitor for the next few years. At the moment, mainly cheap gadget deals are still offered on Joybuy. DHgate, another Alibaba competitor from China, has discovered a special niche for itself.

In recent years, the DHgate online shop has discovered the niche of fakes and forgeries for itself. While the range of goods on offer on Aliexpress has increasingly moved towards original goods, DHgate has been able to secure the business for clones and fakes. All information about DHgate and Joybuy can be found in the respective shop articles.

You can find alternatives to AliExpress in our shop list. If you are looking for cheap and good gadgets and smartphones from China, you will find them at Gearbest, Banggood or Geekbuying.

Reputable sellers guild at Aliexpress

Other Guilds

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