Hong Kong 3G SIM Rate for International Calls

IDD 1968
Hong Kong 3G SIM card IDD 1968 service is an alternative international voice service which provides economical and convenient international calls to all customers in Hong Kong .
IDD 1968 Major Country / Region Call Charge
Country / Region Country Code Calling to Fixed Line (HK$/Min) Calling to Mobile Number (HK$/Min)
China (Shenzhen & Shekou) 86 1.98 1.98
China (Guangdong) 86 2.58 2.58
China (Rest of China) 86 2.98 2.98
Japan 81 2.80 2.80
Macau 853 1.99 1.99
Malaysia 60 4.10 4.99
Philippines 63 3.99 5.99
Singapore 65 2.80 3.28
South Korea 82 3.00 3.68
Taiwan 886 2.80 3.99
Thailand 66 3.99 5.99
India 91 10.00 10.00
Indonesia 62 5.99 5.99
Australia* 61 1.99 3.99
United State* 1 1.28 1.28
Canada 1 1.28 1.28
France 33 3.99 3.99
Italy 39 5.99 5.99
United Kingdom* 44 1.99 3.99
Dialling Procedure:

Dial 1968 country code, area code and phone number

1. 3 IDD 1968 Service is applicable for 3 subscribers with IDD & Automatic Roaming Service subscription and 3G International Roaming Rechargeable SIM Card users.
2. The above rates are stated in H.K. dollars. IDD charges are calculated in 1-minute interval and rounded up to the nearest 1-minute.
Peak Hours: 8:00am - 8:00pm daily
Off-peak Hours: 8:00pm - 8:00am daily
3. If customers reply an incoming overseas call with caller number display under call history menu, the call is treated as using IDD 001 and will be charged according to IDD 001 tariff.
4. All disputes will be subject to the final decision of Hutchison Telecommunications (HK) Limited and no prior notice will be given should there be any changes in the terms and conditions.

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