Will iphone 4s bought in the US work in China with China Mobile SIM cards?


I'm also concerned about the micro SIM.

There are 3 different types of 3G network technology operated in China. Each network was assigned a different technology by the government. Without the correct 3G network, you will be with GPRS speeds which provided by China Mobile.

China Mobile does not have a compatible 3G network. They got the China only standard: TD-SCDMA.

China Unicom is the network that has the worldwide 3G (UMTS/
WCDMA) standard. Accordingly China Unicom is the network that has the approved iPhone contract.

As China Unicom 3G SIM card has no microSIM size, you will not get one from them though you could carefully cut your own one down. On the other hands, there are some mobile phone shops in China offer this service to cut normal SIM size to the microSIM size.

If you buy China Unicom 3G SIM card from our site, please leave a note (need microSIM size for iphone 4s) on message section of order form. We will cut the SIM card for you.

Your US iPhone is most likely locked to ATT.
You will have to get it unlocked to put a non-ATT SIM in it.

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