China Unicom SIM Card, Shanghai

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How can I make local or international calls from a China Unicom sim card I just purchased ?

How to Make Calls from China Unicom SIM Card:

To receive or make an international call:
When calling overseas to your China cell phone number callers will need to dial international prefix and 86 followed by your China cell phone number.

To call the overseas from your China cell phone: simply dial 1791100 followed by a country code, area code and phone number. -ADD 17911 prior to 00 to cut half international call rates to landlines in overseas
- Make a call to international city like US: 17911+00+1+area code+destination number ( US country code is 1)
-Sometimes when dial 17911 could not connect the call because the IP phone line is busy, the best solution is that wait for couple of minutes and dial again.

To make a call to a local landline Chinese number:
You need add the city/area code to call any landlines. If you make domestic distance calls, you need add the city/area code too. Simply dial the number if you are in Shanghai.

China Unicom SIM Card Check Balance and Expire Date: 1013089

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Recharge Card Name: China Unicom Recharge card. You also can buy this card in the most China cities.
Access number for recharge, please verify it on the recharge card: 10011

If you already activated free incoming call function, please send short message QBZ7L to 10011 to cancel function of free incoming calls in Shanghai before you return home country.

Shanghai SIM Card

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Nov 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Is it possible to check balance through internet for China Unicom mobile?

The website is The language is Chinese only.

Answer: Please find how to check balance through internet here.

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