Can I use a China Unicom SIM card in my iPhone 3GS

(New Zealand )

We're going to China from 9th-19th December, and I'm keen to use my iPhone there. Not so keen on paying 10c/10kb for data roaming! I've read different things about the prepaid SIM cards that China Unicom provides, does anyone have any experience or advice on whether these prepaid cards would work?

Key questions:

1. Would Chinese SIM cards fit in my Vodafone NZ iPhone 3G? I've heard that they are different sizes
2. Would using another SIM card break the phone? (Displaying my tech ignorance here ... my iPhone was purchased from Dick Smith and registered through Vodafone, it's not jailbroken and I'm not even sure what "unlocked" means)

Adding another SIM card would not break your phone - phones are unlocked which mean that SIM cards from other carriers are able to be used. Please find more information about unlock cell phone.

The iP3G uses a standard SIM card so it should be fine - if it's another shape/size then it's not SIM card (unless it's a MicroSIM). iphone needs to use a MicroSIM. Some China mobile phone shops can cut regular size SIM cards to Micro SIMs.

You may find if your iphone is unlocked from your current service provider - Vodafone.

China Unicom uses GSM 900/1800 (2G) and from what we can see are currently deploying WCDMA 2100 (3G). The iP3G supports these two frequencies and so it should work without a problem. However, GSM 900/1800 (2G) has no data service. It is voice function only.

The China Unicom 3G SIM has data and voice service working in Tianjin, Shanghai and other mainland cities in China.
Please find price and rates at China Unicom 3G SIM card

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