How to Use a China Mobile Recharge Card


China Mobile Recharge Card

China Mobile Recharge Card

I recently bought a pay-as-you-go China Mobile SIM card at my local convenience store in Beijing. While trying to get it to work I ran into a few problems to use China Mobile recharge card. Please help.

How to Use a China Mobile Recharge Card
(For Beijing and Guangzhou Sheng Zhou Xing Brand)

Buying the China Mobile recharge card at a convenient store: despite the fact that most countries use scratch-off paper or plastic cards to give you the phone recharge code, and indeed many stores in China have plastic China Mobile recharge cards in their display, you may get a blue-and-white piece of paper with holes down the sides. This is also a recharge 'card' or 'voucher'.

Reading the card: everything in the instructions is in Chinese, and there are several strings of numbers on the inside of the recharge card. Your 'recharge pin' is the long number beginning with '09' (or it may start with a different number, such as '19'). This is all you need to know.

Using the card: dial 13800138000 (yes that's an extra '0' at the end) from your mobile phone, then dial 2 (for English prompts), then 1, then 1#, and then enter your recharge pin followed by the # sign.

You should hear 'please wait a moment', then a success message. that's it! your card is now recharged.

If you need additional help: as difficult as the recharge cards are to use for people who don't speak Chinese, the Chinese/English bilingual China Mobile customer service operators are VERY helpful. dial 10086 (note: this number used to be 1860 ) from your phone for help.

If you need online recharge, please visit China Mobile Recharge.

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