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China Cell Phone Wholesale Reliability

Demand for branded and China cell phone wholesale is strong with mobile phone use overtaking landline use in some parts of the world and consumers changing their phones every 15 months on average.

It doesn't matter if you're considering stocking mobile phones through your online auction business or looking at expanding your range and taking on a different supplier. The process of sourcing mobile phones from makers of cellphones in China is exactly the same and simply finding the China cell phone wholesale companies through a wholesale directory, business directory or online is just the first step.

When you find a potential China cell phone supplier company which has a nice product that you want to sell in your store, or through your eBay listing you need to make sure they will act in a way that won't loose you money or cost you your repuation as a vendor. Here are some hints that a company will be less than reliable:

  • It doesn't have any contact details or the contact details turn out to be not working
  • Their website is badly put together, has very few product photos, or stolen product photos and has little to no contact information
  • Many people have complained about them on dropshipping, e-commerce and wholesale forums or fraudwatch sites
  • Promotional material they use looks suspiciously like materials from another wholesale dropship company
  • Their products are priced too high or too low

Factors of Consideration and Research

There are many reputable Chinese factories who produce high quality product for the Chinese domestic market.

However, you cannot import and lawfully re-sell mobile phones in western countries unless you have you have proper certification from an accredited lab (which excludes almost every Chinese lab). This involves mainly tests to determine if the emission from the phone is within safe SAR levels.

When looking at basic unlocked cellular phones (which have a 2G reception, SD card, basic accessories, a camera, Bluetooth functionality and WAP capabilities) you shouldn't really be paying more than US$100.

But with more upmarket models of unlocked cell phone (which can have everything from WiFi to dual SIM cards to 3G connectivity and more high tech cameras) you can expect to pay between US$200-$300.

Doing market research on the wholesale mobile phones or unlocked phones

you are thinking of stocking is also a worthwhile exercise. By checking to see if the features are in demand or that style of phone will sell well can potentially save you thousands in unsold stock or free up a product line for a more profitable item if you are dropshipping. It will also help you determine what price you should be paying, what price you can sell it for and the profit margins you can expect.

Test Sample of China Cell Phone Wholesale

Once you have done your online research and found the phone looks OK on paper then its time to order a sample.

When testing a wholesale mobile phone it's important to be as thorough as you can possibly be. Here are some things you might want to check:

  • The manual is in English and makes sense
  • The handpiece doesn't click or creak when it is handled and doesn't feel cheap
  • There aren't any bubbles in the screen, its set in the right pace and there aren't any black lines when you switch it on
  • The battery takes a full charge, it lasts as long as the supplier suggests and doesn't smell funny when it is being charged
  • A component isn't missing, and works as promised
  • The phone's speaker or microphone quality is clear and the buttons are easy to operate

By researching products before you buy them and testing them thoroughly before stocking them you will be able to ensure that everything that goes online will sell well, have good profit margins and keep your customers happy.

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