Hong Kong SIM Card Shipping Time


What is Hong Kong SIM card shipping time? I live in New York City in the USA and will be studying in Honk Kong starting January 3rd. If I order a Hong Kong SIM card now do you think I will receive the SIM card in the USA before I leave or should I have it shipped to my hostile in Hong Kong? Also, How much would shipping be if I had to have the SIM card shipped to Hong Kong and how long should it take to arrive?

There will be no efficient time if we send the card to the USA via airmail now. It normally takes two weeks by airmail, which costs $2.85 (Fedex takes three days. But the cost is $35.00).
I suggest that we ship the card at your hostile in Hong Kong. It takes tw0 to three days. The express delivery costs $15.00

More details is at
Hong Kong SIM Card

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