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Welcome to China Mobile Phones, an innovative leader for China Mobile communication, incorporated with China Mobile and China Unicom.


China Mobile Phones offers cell phone communication in China with low domestic and international rates. To experience the reliability and cost savings of prepaid wireless, simply rent or purchase a GSM compatible cell phone with a free SIM card for your next China destinations.

China SIM Card 

If you already have an unlocked GSM (Europe compatible) cell phone and simply want to buy a SIM card for China at huge savings. Besides national China SIM card, China/Hong Kong dual SIM card, we have Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong SIM card and 4G SIM Card available. Data enabled SIM supports your cell phone to send and receive emails in China.

Top Up Minutes

China Mobile Phones provide an online recharge service for China Mobile cell-phone numbers/ SIM cards purchased from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other Chinese cities or overseas. We also provide an online recharge service for all China Unicom cell phone numbers/ SIM cards purchased in China and overseas.

China Cell Phone Rental 

China Mobile Phones offers the least expensive and simplest prepaid solutions possible with no contracts and no credit checks. Simply rent one of our cell phones included a pre-paid SIM card complete with your personal phone number and built-in call credit. If you need to extend your call credit, you can simply call our China service line to add more credit with more talk time. Rental starts from $1 per day.

This is easily the least expensive and convenient way to receive and make calls on your cell phone while in China.

Email/internet enabled phone makes you receice/send emails on a moving.

Cell Phone Package 

We also offer cellular phones for sale at very low rates! If you are planning on travelling overseas again in time in the future, purchasing a cell phone might be advantageous. Find out our World Cell Phone Package with free SIM card/phone number and free initial calling credit offer. Our Motorola cell phone starts from $79.00 with a free China SIM Card, plus up to 85 local minutes.

Return Call Service

Our partner's Return Call service (also known as Call Back service) helps you save money on outgoing long distance phone calls when using your international cell phone abroad or at home. Most wireless phone carriers around the world charge high airtime rates to make outgoing international phone calls from your cell phone, however they almost always offer free or cheap incoming call rates. Return Call service takes advantage of these low incoming call rates, to help you save money on your outgoing long distance calls. Service is also available to make cheap international calls from your cell phone/fixed phone in your home country.

China Call Card
This selected phone card allows you to make international or long distance calls on any touch-tone phones in China or other countries, with the most understandable ENGLISH prompt recorded by English native speakers

China Mobile Phones Corporate Users 
Our Corporate Users include Canadian Consulate General, USA Consulate General and many more.

A few Words From Our Customers 
"I just wanted to thank China Mobile Phones for all of your help with the rental phones last week. It all worked out very well... Thanks again for everything, and I will be using your services again." - Sincerely, Alex Benson, Seattle

"I really appreciate all your efforts! The service that I have received from you has been extraordinary. Have a great day!" - Rose Reid, CA, Zip: 90035

"Thanks for the convenience of hotel delivery during my stay and I'll be sure to contact you on my next trip to Shanghai." - David Winkler, Boston

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Table of Contents

China Mobile Top Up Minutes and Data
China Mobile top up online by credit cards or Paypal. Recharge service is available to China Unicom, China Telecom and Hong Kong numbers.
China Mobile Data Top Up
China mobile data top up by Paypal or credit cards for numbers from China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom
Top up Hong Kong Mobile Numbers online
Top up hong kong mobile numbers online, recharge Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards from all Hong Kong carriers.
Receive China SMS Online
Receive China sms online via Wechat or APP with your virtual china mobile number for sms verification and more.
Virtual China Phone Number | Get More Business from China
Get a China phone number that delivers your calls to any existing phone in the world. Call recording, voicemail, local ringtones and more included.
China 4G SIM card with international 4G standard FDD-LTE network
Prepaid China 4G Sim card is a fast data connection solution in China for people on move
China Mobile Roaming SIM Card
China Mobile Roaming SIM Card is prepaid SIM card roaming in 150 countries, low rates in Hong Kong.
China Data SIM Card
Unlimited data: China data sim card for 16 and 30 days packages. No restrictions to any websites or Social media apps.
China Prepaid SIM Card
China Prepaid SIM Card has an additional Hong Kong number for travellers. 8 GB data: HKD688 (approx.USD88) and valid for 360 days, working in 10 countries or regions.
Hong Kong SIM card for a GSM cell phone in Hong Kong
A prepaid Hong Kong SIM Card pays the local rate for local calls and use your cellular phone in Hong Kong like you do at home
Email in China SMTP Settings and Other Solutions
Problems with receiving or sending email in China on your corporate email address or web-based email ? Here is a Solution !
Unlock Cell Phone for China and GSM World
Why need unlock cell phone to work in another country. The unlocking procedure is simple. If you can dial a telephone number, you can unlock via code.
China Internet Access
Check out China internet access options available to the buesiness or lesiure traveller.
China 4G Network Phone Setting
China 4g sim cards phone setting including China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Configuration sample
China Cell Phone Rent FAQ
China cell phone rent FAQ including how to make calls in China and how to pick up the phone.
Call China
Call China from USA, Canada, Germany, Australia... Minutes are directly added to your mobile or landlines. $9.90/200 mins to mobile phones.
China calling card has low rates and excellent connection quality
This China calling card works from any touch-tone phones in any Chinese cities, including China cell phones. Our calling card offers great rates calling from China to 22 countries in the world.
Call Back USA, UK or Other Countries from China, Hong Kong
Call Back Services that Connect You to Any Country With Callback Numbers. Make Long Distance Phone Calls Around the World for Low Rates.
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Shipping from China
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Customs Duty of China Mobile Phones
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中国上网卡:内置VPN, 预付型4G移动数据流量SIM卡供手机等使用。国内国外送货。
微信购买香港手机号码,香港虚拟手机号码和eSIM. 递送中国各大城市和香港,澳门,台湾,美国,加拿大,日本,韩国,新加坡和马来西亚。
Getting in Touch And Support With China Mobile Phones
phone number,email and office address in China for China Mobile Phones