Can Verizon Blackberry use China Mobile SIM in China ?

by Steve

I'm concerned in using Blackberry in China, but I have some questions respecting its use. Can I get a SIM card in China and place it in the blackberry to use at the same time with my Verizon web/data plan? Basically, can I have a China local number in China, while also accessing the internet and email through Verizon plan?


You will not be able to use a local China SIM card for voice function and still apply the Verizon Blackberry data plan while you are in China. As a Verizon subscriber, you can roam internationally in countries where Vodafone has network coverage and Verizon offers unlimited Blackberry data for international roaming for an extra $20 a month, but the voice roaming is also on the Vodafone network and there Is not any way that these two can be split apart. If you want to use a local SIM card in China, you would first need to get Verizon to SIM unlock the phone; but then you would only be able to use the phone for voice function in China. The Verizon data plan including accessing the internet would not function.

What we commonly advise people to do when traveling internationally and using a Blackberry is to use it only for data (to save money) and to have a separate phone with a local SIM for voice. Even with a discounted roaming plan, the per minute fees for voice are very high and if you are going to be out of the home country for more than a week or so, it unquestionably makes sense to use a local cellphone and SIM card for voice services.

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