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If you need a personal toll free number that can forward calls to any country in the world, CallMe800 is the service you are looking for!

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How CallMe800 works

When you sign up for the CallMe800 service, you will receive a unique Toll Free Number assigned only for your personal account. You can have a toll free number from the USA, Canada or over 30 other countries. When your toll free number is dialed (by a friend, colleague, customer or a relative of yours), the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number through our telecommunications network, wherever you are in the world!

Features and Advantages

  • Business use: If your company has clients located in a different country, the CallMe800 service will allow these clients to call you at no charge to them!
  • Personal use: If you travel to different countries on a regular basis, the CallMe800 forwarding service allows you to give your family and friends a personalized toll free number
  • where they can call and reach you at any time, at no charge to them, regardless of what country you might be in today!
  • The calls can be forwarded to a cell phone or a fixed phone in any country!
  • You can change your forwarding phone number at any timethrough the Internet or over the phone when you travel to different places.
  • Optional roll over feature is available at an additional $1 monthly charge for each roll over line (up to 30 additional lines and it can be extended upon special request)
  • Choose your own vanity number that will be easy to remember (available only for USA numbers at an additional $10 set up fee per number).
  • Benefit from low rates while enjoying high quality connections!
  • There are no connection fees or charges for incomplete or busy calls!
  • Easy payment options; Pay by credit card, or pre-pay by wire transfer!
  • You will receive a monthly statement by e-mail with call details at no additional charge!
  • Full featured on-line account management for easy handling of many convenient features!
  • Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract and no commitment!

Availability and Applicable Fees

- CallMe800 FAQ 

1. Are there any minimum usage requirements? 
There are no minimum usage requirements for this service.

3. How long does it take to open my new account?
It will take up to 2 business days to open your account from the time you send us your request for service. Other countries may take up to 6 weeks depending on the country. Please contact us for more details.

4. Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same? 
The CallMe800 service can be used from any fixed phone, some mobile phones (please contact us for availability) and some pay phones (please contact us for availability). The rates can vary when calling a mobile phone or a fixed phone, so please check our rates. Calls made from a pay phone in the USA will have a surcharge of USD$0.60 per call.

5. Can this service handle multiple calls and is there additional charges for this feature?
Yes, it can handle up to 30 roll over lines (can be expanded upon special request) and there is $1 monthly charge for each additional roll over line.

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