Hotel Delivery for China SIM

by Benny

I will be travelling in China and Hong Kong for 6 weeks starting September 22.
I use a Nokia 6120 classical cellphone and I need a China pre paid Sim for use within China and for calling and receiving International calls (Israel). It is not clear to me which of the China SIM is suitable for my needs . I would also like to know where in Beijing I can pick up such a card and have it installed in my cellphone.


The China SIM can be sent to your hotel upon your arriving. You can pick it up at the front desk of the hotel when you arrive. A China mobile number will be emailed to you in advance after your order received.

Please find the SIM card below can work in all China cities:
China SIM Card

If you need receive or make calls in Hong Kong as well. please choose:
China and Hong Kong SIM Card

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