How to read Chinese SMS on cell phone ?


I'm about to settle in Shanghai, and subscribed a China Mobile service.
I receive sometimes SMS in Chinese (for example, to get credits of mobile account), and Chinese characters is not displayed by my cellphone : I have an LG KU990 Viewty (European Version).

Is it possible to upgrade my phone to display Chinese ? (uploading some new fonts ? flashing new firmware ?)

Or else, do I need to purchase a mobile phone in Shanghai ? If so, would you have any tips/advice to get a cheap one ? (I'm not excited by last complicated smartphones, I would choose a basic phone that could let in Chinese and English fonts, and if possible an English/Chinese dictionary.

You need to check someplace in your system tool, to find out any language setting, to select Chinese and try, but if you don't recognise Chinese, need to be careful to do this, because you might not convert it back.

Cheapest Nokia phones go for approximately RMB 400-500, bit more or a bit less depending on where you purchase them. They all have Chinese and English input, and some phones have (but check before you buy) a dictionary.

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