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- Your Own China Wi-Fi Hotspot

With our China MiFi hotspot rental service, your laptop, apple devices, android phones, or tablets etc. can be connected to high-speed internet at the same time. While traveling in China, your family, friend or colleagues can share this 3G connection up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Rental Services Updated 

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china mifi hotspot rental

User Guide


  • Best coverage with local China Telecom network
  • Includes data SIM card and Mifi device
  • Hotel dropoff and pickup all over China 
  • Freedom and mobility and avoid expensive data roaming charges
  • Creat your own Hotspot in your hotel room 
  • Ultra compact device, weights just over 200g
  • Local customer support in English

China MiFi Hotspot Rental


Fast Speed

This device uses America Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 chip, which greatly enhances speed stability. Power consumption is reduced nearly fifty percent. 

Long Lasting Battery

General internet users can sustainable work 20 to 24 hours. Continuous heavy traffic users can use 12 to 18 hours. Power supply is durable enough for the most users on international travel.

Safe Online

To use of network protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n, wireless transmission speed is 150M. Compared with the traditional 54M routing, performance is more outstanding. It supports more people on the internet. With WPA/WPA2 encryption, it solves traditional WEP encryption easily cracked disadvantages.

Mobile Power Supply of 

The device can be used as a mobile power supply. With a built in 7500 milliampere lithium, a standard USB interface, it can be used as a mobile power supply to iPad or mobile phone charging. In a full charge condition, it can charge an iPhone 5S three to four times. Internet connections and charging for a device works at the same time. 

Exquisite Simplicity. Mini Portable

Similar size with an iphone 5S. It can also be put in the pocket as a pocket Mifi.

China MiFi Hotspot Rental Prices:

1 Week Rental ( 1 - 7 days)

Data AllocationPrice

2 Weeks Rental ( 8 - 14 Days)

Data AllocationPrice

3 Week Rental ( 15 - 21 days)

Data AllocationPrice

4 Weeks Rental ( 22 - 28 Days)

Data AllocationPrice


China MiFi Hotspot Rental General Q & A

1.1 What coverage and speed does your mobile broadband have?

It covers 99% mainland China population (Coverage map). It provides download speed up to 3.1Mbps and upload speed up to 1.8Mbps. 

1.2 How does your MiFi work? Is there any installation needed?

Automatically dial-up internet access, no need to install the driver, without setting your tablet, smartphone or any WiFi enabled terminals. 

1.3  How would I order rental bundle from you? 

Please fill in an order form. Then, we are going to email you an itemized invoice, which can be paid online by credit cards or Paypal. The package is going to be delivered to your address in China in advance, e.g. hotel address.

1.4  What number days ahead of time would it be advisable for me to order rental bundle from you? 

Typically you need to book it from us one week ahead of time. 

1.5  How to check what amount of data I have utilized amid the rental period? 

We will provide a website address on our user guides. You can check remained data information online.

1.6  What are compatible devices with your MiFi Mobile Hotspot?

It includes Windows, PC Mac, tablets, smartphones and and  any WiFi enabled gadges. 

1.7  Is there a cancellation charge for rental order? 

In the event that the rental package is cancelled before the package is shiped, you are charged of a US$10.00. On the chance that the package is shipped out, you will be charged for a US$25 cancellation charge in addition to a US$5 transportation expense.  

1.8  What if the rental bundle harmed or lost by my thoughtlessness? 

Since no protection secured on our rental bundle, you have to remunerate us as taking after: 

MiFi Device: US$95 

USB link cable: US$5 

Small charger: US$9 

Data sim card: US$39 

1.9  What is included in your MiFi rental bundle? 

Our China MiFi hotspot rental bundle has one MiFi device, one data sim card (Installed. So it is invisible), one Mini charger, one USB link cable, and one User Manual 

1.10  How long does one MiFi battery function in the wake of being completely charged? 

Battery can work for 12 - 18 hours. 

1.11  What sort of payment alternatives do you acknowledge? 

We acknowledge Visa, Master card , American Express, Discovery, Paypal, and so on.


Shipping Q & A

2.1  How would I get and return your rental bundle? 

We deliver the rental bundle to and gather it from your hotel concierge (workplaces or family address) in most Chinese cities. 

2.2  Can I get the rental bundle delivered to a hotel in one city and return it from a different hoel in other city? 

Yes, we can deliver your rental bundle to a hotel in one city and gather it from a different hotel in another city. 

2.3  How would you do hotel drop-off and pick-up? 

Before delivery, we will call the hotel to give a notice about somthing shipping under your name. Then, we send the rental bundle to your hotel concierge where you can pick it up upon check-in, and toward the end of rental period you simply leave rental bundle at your hotel concierge. 

2.4  What is the delivery cost? 

Our standard price is $10 for each delivery. 


Rental Services Updated 

Get $10 off on our partner Cellular Abroad order when you use the promo code ChinaPhones10.

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