Guangzhou SIM Card

by Colin

I have just been in Guangzhou for four days and my Australian mobile (roaming) was VERY expensive when calling back to Australia.
I will be returning to Guangzhou on the 27th July for at least two weeks. How can I obtain a Guangzhou SIM card so that I can make local calls in Guangzhou and call back to Australia at reasonable rates?

We offer a pre paid Guangzhou SIM card at the following rate:

Local calls at USD 0.062 per minute ( approx. AUD 0.08 per minute )
Call to Australia: USD 0.53 per minute ( approx. AUD 0.68 per minute including mobile phones)
Calling methods: dial 12593 00 61...

Guangzhou SIM Card

The sim card can be delivered to your hotel upon your arriving. Thank you

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