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China Mobile Phones is a telecommunications company specializing in the rental of Digital Cellular Phones and other telecommunication solutions to businesses and individuals.

In China we operate exclusively with the Mobile Network providing GSM coverage. The GSM network boasted an apparent advantage in coverage, especially indoors coverage. International roaming reached 116 countries and regions. GPRS network kept improving which reached the US, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan region. A network of a total length of 30,000 km went into operation, with more than 80% of production offices being put into production at prefectural and municipal levels.

The network quality maintains a high quality, with the average wireless put-through rate 99.65%, call drop rate 0.8% and SMS put-through rate 95.24%. China Mobile guaranteed the communications services at Bo'ao Asia Forum. Also, the yearly target of safe & security was also successfully achieved. International Roaming Services Reach Five Continents

Our company is committed to providing a top quality efficient cellular communication service. We aim to provide the best possible rental solution for each customer. Delivery arrangements can be made to deliver or collect from any other location via courier in mainland China and Hong Kong.

We are also committed internationally as:

Introducing Our Services,China Cellular Rental ¨C for corporate and individual solutions. We specialise in cellular rental solutions. Short or long term we can provide SIM cards, the latest GSM models of phones and data solutions. Rental offers; 

Flexibility ¨C Renting a cellular phone provides an easy, no fuss communication solution for both visitors to this country and those travelling overseas.

Ease of Use ¨C Technologies vary but whatever country you are travelling to, we can advise on and provide the correct cellular phone.

Incoming Calls ¨C Renting or buy a destination Country¡¯s sim card allows the client to have access to a local Network thus reducing additional costs associated with Roaming.

Be Accessible, Keep in Touch¨C For those visiting China we can provide local SIM cards, avoiding the cost of international roaming charges. Where required, we can courier to office or hotel.

Plan Ahead¨C Pre-book and receive your number in advance. Advise your business colleagues and relatives of your number before you leave home.

System Features¨C All our handsets operate on the GSM or CDMA network and therefore benefit from all its features. Rental features include Caller ID and Text Messaging.

How to Rent ?

Decide which group of phone you will need. Go to Phones on our web page

Fill in the booking form on this web site or contact us telephonically. Go to Bookings

If you have your own Digital GSM Handset we are able to offer you the rental of a sim card only thus utilising your own Handset that you are familiar with, go to Bookings.

Please feel free to contact us. Thank you. 

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