Does free incoming call China SIM card have data service, and how to order ?

by Kristoffer
(Germany )

Hi my girlfriend is traveling to China on Tuesday and she would then need a working sim card with free incoming calls.

She is going to visit Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong (It seems that you don't get free incoming calls in Hong Kong so that's fine). I was wondering if this plan was okey: China SIM Card

If she orders today or tomorrow will she then get free incoming calls for the period? Would it also be possible to get the 300MB data package?

If this isn't possible please make a suggestion of what she could order. (free incoming calls in both Beijing and Shanghai would be the most important)


This is correct. If she orders today, she will then get free incoming calls for the November in Beijing and Shanghai, and also get the 300MB data package. The card does not work in Hong Kong.

Please use the link here: China 3G SIM Card

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