International text message (SMS)

by Vijay
(India )

International text message (SMS). I am now ready to order ONE China SIM card for delivery to a Beijing hotel. I need to know if in addition to international SMS messages to/from India whether I can make and receive telephone calls during the period 11th to 19th Sept. 2009.

I also wish to have a minimal recharge done now. Is this possible and if so how much??


Not all China SIM cards are International text message (SMS) enabled. We will provide you the SIM card with this ablility upon your request.

A text message sent to another China Mobile subscriber is basically charged at 0.10 yuan (about 1.5 US Cents). A text message sent overseas will cost about 2 yuan or just over 25 US cents. Receiving international SMS messages is free.

How to send international text messages from China:
00 country code and cell phone number

If you can not receive or send International text messages, you may reset service center number of text message menu on your phone:

+8613800100500 for China mobile number (Beijing)
+8613010112500 for China unicom number (Beijing)

Fore more China SMS Service Center Number,please
click here.

A minimal recharge is $20.00. We can recharge on your new SIM card. To order the SIM card,
Please click 'order now' at this page, you will see an order form with delivery address option and others.

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