China Mobile International Roaming New Tariff Launched

From February 1, 2013, China Mobile launched 1/2/3 yuan zone roaming charges for the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc., Chinese 180 top visit countries. Chinese mobile customers roaming to 180 countries and regions, call rates generally are 0.99 yuan / minute, 1.99 yuan / minute or 2.99 yuan / minute, no more than 3 yuan / min. The tariff cut reflects China Mobile's international roaming tariff pricing model innovation has positive effect on the global optimization of international roaming tariffs.

Background of Roaming Charge

Global mobile operators international roaming tariffs are generally determined by offshore operators settlement costs and settlement costs often require carriers with each one separate negotiations. Some countries only one operator. Settlement negotiations will be very difficult. Global mainstream mobile operators provide international roaming tariffs generally have two major characteristics. One is complex pricing, such as British and Japanese carriers' international roaming tariffs. Different rates in different countries. Different operators in the same country, tariff may be different. The second is high price, such as international roaming tariffs for U.S.. Carriers' prices are generally no less than 6.1 yuan / minute. The Japanese carrier's international
roaming tariffs is up to 61 yuan / minute.

Significantly Roaming Rates Reduce

Before China Mobile roaming charges cut, International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming tariffs are divided into 21 tariff zones. The tariff is different in different countries or regions, price ranging is from a few yuan to more than thirty yuan. In response, China Mobile international roaming charges were generally higher. In some countries, the high cost is to settle the case. To strengthen overseas settlement negotiations, through the establishment of international companies, China Mobile directly connected with lines such as new technology to reduce operating costs. According to the customer feedback, the
most commonly used call is calling back the mainland China and receiving calls in roaming countries called "two tariff of 180 countries or regions. "0ne yuan zone, two yuan zone and three yuan zones " is divided into three tariff zones. Innovative international roaming tariff pricing mode changes the status of high international roaming charges. International roaming tariffs are significantly reduced to 0.99 yuan / minute, 1.99 yuan / min and 2.99 yuan / min.

Other Good News of International Service

In addition to tariff concessions, China Mobile launched SMS greetings Service, +86 13800100186 free hotline service and roaming data usage reminding service for international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming customers.

Not only that, from February 1, 2013, China Mobile launched unlimited data plans to customers roaming in 11 countries and regions, such as South Korea, Hong Kong, the price is 88 yuan / day, 198 / 3 days, 398 / 7 days unlimited data internet package.

Meanwhile, when China Mobile customers in mainland China can use (excluding in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) 17951 prefix to dial eight countries or regions, such as Hong Kong, the United States long-distance calls. A minimum of 0.39 yuan / minute promotion price is charged only. For details, please visit China Mobile International / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan service seats in China Mobile offices, or call 10086.

Source: China Mobile Communications Corporation,Published : Feb-01-2013

China Mobile Roaming Three Zones Tariffs Example

Tariff Example   
Tariff ZoneCountry or regionCall mainland China (excl. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)Receive calls
  Yuan / minute 
1 Yuan ZoneHong Kong,Taiwan,South Korea,Singapore,the United States and other 3 countries or regions0.990.99
2 Yuan ZoneFrance, Germany, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand and other 22 countries or regions1.991.99
3 Yuan ZoneJapan, Brazil, India, the Philippines and other 141 countries or regions2.991.99 or 2.99

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