Mobile ( Cell ) Phone Tracking

by Javad

hi'would you tell me how to find position of any user of a mobile phone number based on Gprs or anywhere. thanks for your guids.

Mobile phone tracking technology relies on the use of triangulation - taking the signal strengths registered from your mobile phone at a minimum of three nearby GSM receiver masts. As the mobile phone carriers know the position of each mast, and can tell the signal strength of your phone at each of these nearby masts, they can use this to calcuate your position to a certain degree of accuracy (within about 50 to 100 meters).

Privacy concerns are covered - to track a phone you must have permission of the handset owner to do so. The phone owner is reminded by text message after approximately one month that the tracking service is active - so it is difficult if not impossibe for someone to set up tracking on your phone without your knowledge.

So who would use a service like this? Parents wanting some way of knowing where their kids are in an emergency would find this system invaluable, as would companies with sales staff on the road - to avoid the expense and disruption of having to call to find out locations, or for staff having to report back frequently. And of course for mineral collectors or other people involved in outdoor pursuits, it provides a simple way for worried people back home to find out where you are without disturbing you and without causing a panic. And if you're phone is lost or stolen, then you could get a little bit of a clue as to where it currently is (but only if you've registered in advance, you can't activate tracking after you've lost your phone as you need the handset to set up the account).

Please let us know if you need arrange mobile phone tracking service on your China handset with a China number.

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Nov 15, 2015
could provide this service?
by: Anonymous

could you provide this service?i need this.we can cooperate with each other.
thanks , best wishes.

Answer: When the service available, we will update this page. Thank you.

Aug 16, 2013
want to locate two China mobile phone
by: wanghg

I am pleased to visit your webpage,I want to locate two China mobile phone ,one is +86 18938958xxx ,the other is +86 15012559xxx.
please give me detailed position in Shenzhen. with best wishes

Answer: China Mobile does not provide mobile phone position service.

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