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Did you know that you can have a China phone number that you can forward to your local phone at low rates? With the Virtual China Phone service, you can have access to a unique phone number from Chine or choose a phone number from other 128 countries around the world !

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Run Your China business From Anywhere

This service is perfect for people running a China-based business but also have engagements across the globe. If you are into manufacturing, IT, travel or any other service that frequently transacts in China, your China number will establish a consistent China presence for you irrespective of your location around the world. All you need to do is to select a local number from a wide selection of cities in China.

Do you realize that the elements of trust and accessibility are crucial factors that enhance international business? With a China phone number, you can engender trust with your customers based in China and also be able to attract more business leads.

Make the Choice That Suits Your Business

We don’t just give you numbers, we present a variety of options so you can choose the one that is best for your business.  The available phone number options are:

• Toll-free number (800)

• China National mobile accessible number (400)

• Nation-wide Toll-free numbers

• Local numbers (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen)

China call forward numberVirtual China phone number packages. Prices are subject to change.

What Are the Features and Advantages?

For businesses: In today’s business landscape that is getting increasingly globalized, it is possible to have a company in one country and live in another country. With the Virtual China Phone Number, you can own a phone number from a country where your business resides and use it in your business contact. Your international clients can reach you anywhere you are around the world by calling your unique virtual number.

For personal use:  For people who are travel internationally very often, the virtual phone number creates an avenue to have a consistent number that is reachable globally at all times. The user can give this number to family, friends and associates to ensure they can stay in touch from any location around the world.

Forward the number to a cell phone or landline.

This service gives users an online admin panel where they can forward the number to different locations as they travel around the world. The forward feature can also be configured over the phone. Users enjoy low international phone charges while maintaining top-notch connectivity around the world.

Incomplete calls or busy calls attract zero charges. Moreover, the user can take advantage of various flexible payment options such as the monthly debit of all accrued charges on your preferred credit card or the prepaid option that allows you to credit your account with any amount at your convenience.

You would love our complimentary monthly statement and call details delivered through email at no additional cost. Our customer service is excellent; the knowledgeable support staff are available around the clock to help resolve any challenge you may encounter.

The user can receive calls on the lines from any country around the world including the United States. The online account management feature gives the users access to an excellent self-service function to manage your phone number. 

You can follow simple steps to sign up with the China phone number or the China phone number service online. This service does not require a long-term contract or any other type of commitment.

Advanced Features:

  • Call recording  *new add-on
  • Outbound calling
  • API on demand
  • Rollover minutes *add-on feature
  • Forward - fax
  • Customized greeting
  • Voicemail & voicemail to email
  • Sequential forwarding
  • Black & white lists
  • Local ringtones
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Advanced IVR/PBX

And more (details). 

outbound callingYou can use one of the local or toll free numbers purchased as your caller ID for outbound calls.

Who Can Use This Service?

This is an international service; anyone can use register from any location around the world. The user can opt for a China number or choose a number from any other country with the codes listed above.

China Phone Number Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum usage requirement?

This service does not have a minimum usage requirement

2. Do I have to pay a setup fee or monthly service charge?

Check above for the various applicable charges.

3. Will I be charged for calls to my local phone or forwarded international number?

You will have to pay for the calls that you answered on your forwarding number, but the rate depends on the country that the virtual China phone number forwards the call. However, the caller will be charged for the calls made to the China phone number by the local phone or mobile company.

4. What are the global rates for this service?

Kindly check the rates above.

5. How long do I have to wait to activate my virtual number?

We will assign the virtual phone number between one to two business days.

6. Do the rates differ when I use the service from different phones?

The rates do differ. Although the China Virtual Phone Number can be used from mobile phones and landlines, the prices vary between mobile phones and landlines service providers. Kindly check the prices above for details.

For more questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail. You will find our contact info through the following link: Contact Us.

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