What is WCDMA ? What Its Band Using in China ?

WCDMA is the 3G technology used in China by China Unicom. The frequency is 2100 MHzband.

In Europe and Asia, WCDMA is being deployed in the all new 2100 MHz frequency band. In North America, it is being deployed in the existing 1900 MHz (PCS) and 850 MHz (Cellular) bands, as well as the newer 1700 MHz (AWS) band.

This technology is the 3G standard that most GSM carriers are moving to. Parts of its standard are based on GSM technology. WCDMA networks are designed to integrated with GSM network at certain level. Most WCDMA phone include GSM as well, for backward compatibility.

This technology borrows certain technology ideas from CDMA, but is in fact, very different and incompatible with phones and network using 'CDMA' technology. It is also referred as as UMTS -the two terms are effectively interchangeable.

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