China Mobile Roaming SIM Card

China mobile roaming SIM card


China Mobile Roaming SIM Card

Virtual China Mobile Numbers are available now.  Receiving text messages or calls in any countries.

International Roaming Activation on Existing China Mobile Numbers

A China Mobile Roaming SIM Card will allow you not only to have a China cell phone number but also to roaming in the most countries/regions. Your China contacts can reach your China mobile number by paying local rates when you are in overseas.

Roaming countries include: United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, France, Thailand, Germany, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Cambodia, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and more. 

Your China Mobile Roaming SIM Card (China Unicom) will require a SIM-unlocked GSM 900/1800 or WCDMA compatible cell phone. For Japan, South Korea roaming, your phone will require 3G WCDMA compatible cell phone. If you have a locked compatible GSM or WCDMA phone, you can easily unlock it. To do so, visit unlock cell phone guide.

China Mobile Roaming Rates 

While You are in Roaming Countries/Regions:

Rates are based on per-minute charges and are stated in CNY/RMB

Country/ RegionsOperatorLocal calls (CNY/min)Call Mainland China (CNY/min)Call other regions (CNY/min)Receiving calls (CNY/min)Text Mainland China (CNY/Msg)Text other regions (CNY/Msg)Data roaming
USAAT&T0.960.962.860.960.361.2615 CNY/10MB
CanadaRogers, Telus2.867.868.862.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
AustraliaOPTUS1.862.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
New Zealand2Degrees, NZT1.862.863.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
BrazilVivo4.869.8611.865.861.862.76Not available
DenmarkTelia1.862.863.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
AustriaT-Mobile0.962.865.860.960.561.465 CNY/5MB
BelgiumProximus2.863.864.862.861.262.16Not available
GermanyT-Mobile1.861.863.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
RussiaMTS2.962.969.862.961.262.1615 CNY/5MB
 Rostelecom2.962.969.862.961.262.16Not available
FranceOrange Bouygues1.863.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
Finland Elisa2.2611.8611.862.261.262.16Not available
NetherlandsKPN0.962.863.860.960.561.4615 CNY/5MB
NorwayTelenor1.864.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
SwedenTelenor1.864.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
SwitzerlandSWISSCOM2.863.866.862.861.262.1615 CNY/5MB
SpainTelefonica1.862.863.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
GreeceCOSMOTE0.962.863.860.960.561.4615 CNY/5MB
ItalyTIM, WIND1.862.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
UKO21.863.865.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
Philippines Globe1.866.167.861.860.761.6615 CNY/5MB
KoreaKTF0.960.963.860.960.361.2615 CNY/5MB
MalaysiaDiGi 1.861.866.861.860.561.4615 CNY/5MB
Japan DoCoMo, SoftBank1.862.863.861.860.861.7615 CNY/5MB
Thailand AIS, DTAC1.864.865.861.861.262.1615 CNY/5MB
SingaporeSingtel, Starhub0.960.964.860.960.361.2615 CNY/5MB
India Aircel6.8619.8621.865.862.863.7615 CNY/5MB
IndonesiaIndosat-M3, XL1.863.863.862.860.661.5615 CNY/5MB
 Indonesia XL1.863.863.862.860.661.5615 CNY/5MB
Hong Kong  0.390.394.390.390.10.85 CNY/5MB
Macau 2.863.865.862.860.661.565 CNY/5MB
Taiwan 0.960.963.860.960.361.265 CNY/5MB

More countries rates, please contact us. 

# Receiving SMS is free no matter where you are.

This Roaming SIM works in China as well. Please find domestic call rates in China. You may add a data plan or calling credit before visiting China. 


  • Strongly recommend to turn off mobile data function on your phone before inserting the SIM card to avoid high roaming data charges.
  • A China Mobile Roaming Pre-paid SIM card with RMB 60.00 from China Unicom.
  • Your China Roaming SIM Card (China Unicom) will require a SIM-unlocked GSM 900/1800 or WCDMA compatible cell phone. For Japan, roaming, your phone will require 3G WCDMA compatible cell phone.
  • International text message is available in China and roaming countries.
  • SIM card is valid 90 days. Renewal is available online.
  • Online recharge/top up service is available.
  • No yearly contract, minimum minutes per day or per call, and no credit checks. 
  • Passport information registration required.


a) Express delivery of your China Mobile Roaming SIM card in most cities in China: 1-2 business days delivery to your hotel/hostel in China to be awaiting you upon your arrival. 
NOTE: If you have your SIM delivered in China, we will send you your phone number when we receive your order. (please allow 12-24 hrs. for us to e-mail your phone #) so that you can give it out to those who need it before you leave home. Before the SIM Pack dispatching, we call hotels or other delivery destinations to make sure the pack kept upon you arriving. 

If you wish to have the China Mobile SIM card delivered elsewhere, please choose a delivery option below. 

b) 5-6 business days delivery in U.S.A.or Canada (via EMS or others): $45.00

c) 5-6 business days delivery in Western Europe, Australia or Japan (via EMS or others): $45.00

d) Estimated 9-15 days delivery in U.S.A., Canada, Western Europe, Australia or Japan (via Postal Service Air Mail): $2.85

e) Estimated 4 weeks delivery in the rest of the world (via Postal Service Air Mail): $2.85 

Check Balance

You can check your balance when you are in or outside China. Just send text "WLCX" to 10010. This text is in English and free of charge.

Customer Service

Customer Service can be contacted while in China.

Call our phone number 021-51097153 from your mobile phone or from any normal phone (landline) if you are in China. If you are in overseas, please call 86-21- 51097153.

  • From Mon.-Fri. 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • After hours service on (86) 13916830892
  • We will be happy to assist you in English.

    Your Guide: 

    How to make or receive calls in China

    Check if your cell phone unlocked

    Find more unlocked cell phones

    China Mobile Roaming Activation on Your Existing Number


    Non-star customers (pre-stars, unrated customers) account balance should be no less than 200 yuan (rmb) to apply for international roaming feature.

    You may call China Mobile to verify. You may call 10086 when you are in China. Call 86-13800100186 when you are in overseas. 

    How to activate: 

    1. By SMS :

    • 30 days international including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming : send GMKT30 to 10086
    • 180 days international including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming : send GMKT180 to 10086
    • Long-term international including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan roaming : send GMKT to 10086
    • Cancel international including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan roaming : send GMQX to 10086

    2. By online

    China Mobile International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan website:

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