Can I use my AT&T cell phone with a China Mobile sim card?


We are planning to change to AT&T from Verizon Wireless as AT&T uses sim cards. I frequently travel to China on business travels and have a sim card there but it would be very useful if I could plainly switch my AT&T sim card to my China Mobile sim card. Nevertheless, I'm not certain if I have to purchase a unlocked phone or need AT&T to unlock it for me. It's a simple cellphone, the Nokia 6350.

When people came to China, they amazed that they were able to simply purchase a Chinese SIM, place it in they unlocked cell phone and it worked right away. There are also a lot cellular phone nowadays that allow two SIM cards so you wouldn't even have to switch them. As far as the cell phone being locked or not, you ought call AT&T support to get the precise answer. If it is locked, I'm sure there's a website that will assist you to unlock it.

Meanwhile, you can use this website to check if your current phone is working with China mobile or China Unicom network.

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Jan 22, 2011
TV Phone

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