China Mobile USB broadband for internet?


The USB stick you plug into your laptop so when you are on the train or at a cafe you can surf the web? I have not seen any in China! Thanks!

China Mobile has mobile broadband with an USB modem. But at present, few people would select it from China Moible as China Mobile's is not only slower but more limited areas comparing the ones from China Unicom and China Telecom.

China Telecom supplies limited hours plan. China Unicom provides limited data plan. As for speeds, China Unicom is much faster at present. As for coverage, China Telecom does better (100% population coverage) everywhere China, either in rural area side. China Unicom provide coverage in all first, second and third tier cities in China, and most country-level cities. No big difference from China Telecom. China Telecom has 3G particularly for internet and the speed is 3.1M/S.

Mobile USB broadband (or USB stick) can be bought together with the 3G mobile broadband packages. Huawei brand is of best quality in China. The client software system can be easily set up either in Chinese or in English. In present-day China, don't expect too many wifi hotspots, in fact, very few......

I have used mine in Shanghai, Beijing and South China (as well outside the urban centres) and always had a signal.

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