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The China SIM card with a world cell phone is the most convenient and economical solution for staying in touch while in China. The most China SIM cards are incoming calls free. A few SIM card incoming calls while you travel all China are no more than $0.07 USD per minute, regardless of where they originate. Free incoming call in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or whole China can be arranged. Pay the local rate for local calls and use your cell phone in China like you do at home. And unlike home, your China SIM card and cell phone service is prepaid so there is no need for a contract.

We provide:

China SIM Card

China Mobile SIM Card/National: $38.00

Including 100 Minutes Local Calls, 200 MB Data. $0.08/minute Anywhere in China, National Coverage Included Tibert, Online Top Up Available, Toll Free Number Checking Balance at Anytime

     Upgraded to 4G SIM

China SIM Card/Shangahi: $29.00

Incoming Calls Free in Shangahi, Working in All China,Including 400 Local Call Minutes in Shanghai, or 100 minutes in Other Chinese Cities

Upgraded to 4G SIM

China SIM Card/Guangzhou: $29.00

Incoming Calls Free in Guangzhou, Including 150 Local Call Minutess in Guangzhou, Working in All China

Upgraded to 4G SIM

China SIM Card/Beijing: $29.00

Incoming Calls Free in Beijing, Working in All China, Call North American at $0.18 per minute only. GPRS data can be added.

Upgraded to 4G SIM

China SIM Card/Free Incoming Calls in China: $49.00

A China Prepaid SIM card from China Unicom. This brand allows you purchase recharge vouchers nationally. Online airtime recharge is available. Calls back to the US and Canada $0.38 per minute

Upgraded to 4G SIM

Hong Kong SIM Card: $29.00

30 minutes of calls to the US, Canada, Singapore or China with 0060 IDD dialing or 300 minutes of local calling,International roaming in most countries

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China SIM Card incl. Data for iPhone & Other Smart Phones

China GPRS Enabled SIM Card: $35.00

Voice, GPRS, International Text Message, Data Plan includes 50MB, 800MB or 2000MB, Working in all China

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China 4G SIM Card: $49.00 

Includes 400 MB data package and 200 minutes domestic calls. All incoming calls are free in China, Flat Domestic rates $0.08 per minute for all local calls. 

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Hong Kong 3G SIM Card: $49.00

HK$2 / MB, Daily Max Cap HK$28, Monthly Max Cap HK$338. From Hong Kong to North America: HK$1.28 per minute by dial 1968 prefix

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China SIM Card Working in Multi-regions

China and Hong Kong Dual SIM Card: $38.00

One China number for both China and Hong Kong. A China Pre-paid SIM card from China Mobile

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China SIM working in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau: $38.00

One SIM card/one China Mobile number for China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. A China Pre-paid SIM card from China Mobile. 

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China Prepaid Roaming SIM Card: $38.00 

China Mobile Roaming SIM Card will allow you not only to have a China cell phone number but also to roaming in 29 countries/regions. Your China contacts can reach your China mobile number by paying local rates when you are in overseas

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China Data Only SIM Card for ipad or USB Stick

China Data Only SIM Card: $33.00 - 1GB; $39.00 - 2GB 

For Your Own USB Modem, Ipad or Other Mobile Devices. We select two series of wireless prepaid data plans, they are the most ecnomical data plans and support use in whole China.

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Global SIM Card from Our Partner

FREE incoming calls in over 60 countries. Works in over 175 countries. GPRS data available. No Contract and No Commitment

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International Call Back

Call International at Extremely Low Rates, US Partner Joint Service on Cell Phone/Fixed Phone, No Contract and No Commitment

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Unlocked GSM Phones

Your Guide: 

How to make or receive calls in China

Check if your cell phone unlocked

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