Wifi access in China ?

by Peter

Can I access free Wifi in China?
I am thinking of buying a Sony Mylo2 in America and bring it to China. This is a small communicator, using WiFi for Skype and wireless Internet access. I want it for when I travel within China. However, I do not know how easy it is or how to obtain free or reasonable WiFi access in China. Who can give me advice if I bought this little "machine" and travel in China and I will be able to use it ?

It depends on where to go in China. Some places have more wifi than others. For example, Beijing has lots free wireless Internet access with free wifi (sometimes you need to ask for WEP key though). Xian hostels have WiFi capabilities. Yangshuo has many WiFi network spots. Lijiang has a few in cafes. Zhongdian (Shangrila), Yunnan is getting better. Dali has them in cafes.

There is no much in Chongqing. I found them in Chengdu but I couldn't get them to work most of the time. Bottom line is big tourist places, particularly backpacker places definitely have them. Small remote cities don't. Expensive (read: foreign) business hotels in other business cities should have.

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