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China calling cards or phone cards are one of the best ways to reduce your phone bills. You can use them for long distance calls or for overseas calls - and being a tourist or on a business trip you can use them in China to call back home and thus saving a lot of money. Calling cards are convenient, easy to use, secure and they are available for calling 22 countries world-wide.

Other benefits: This carefully selected China calling card enables you to make international or domestic distance calls in any Chinese cities. You receive mobility (calling from any touch-tone phone including China cell phone, not matter which carrier: China Mobile or China Unicom), independence from local carrier and anonymity.

Because there are so many offers available, we have checked some of the most well-known phone card companies to see how good their service is especially for calls made to 22 countries from China. You may have found lots sellers in China sell cheap calling card. Please be aware of : Some China phone cards can not make international calls. Some cards can make international calls but in one particular city only. Some China calling cards can not make calls on cell phones, or in one city only.

  • No activation fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No first minute connection charges.
  • No delivery or handling charges. We email you calling card PIN and user instructions.

How It Works

  • You do not have to hold a card in your hands to use it.
  • You just have to know PIN-code of the card and local access number to make a call.
  • A call is made by dialing a local access number of provider China Unicom after that you have to enter PIN-code and a number you wish to call.

Calling Rates

Placing China Long Distance Calls$0.04 /minute
Calls to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan$0.20/minute
calls to U.S.A and Canada$0.33/minute
Calls to Other Countries*$0.45/minute
* All prices in US Dollar.
* Other countries includes Russia, San Marino, South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Malaysia, New Zealand and Spain.

Special Features:

    Using China calling card on your mobile phone to cut off distance or international call rates (we email you user instructions with your Pin-code).

    Dial on Mobile Phone Rates

    China Domestic Distance:
    -Mobile Local Charge($0.07/min) + 0.04/min

    International Calls:
    -Mobile Local Charge($0.07/min) + The Above Rate


China Unicom Calling Card with $18.00 (RMB100.00) worth calling credit.
Our price = $18.00

China Unicom Calling Card with $36.00 (RMB200.00) worth calling credit.
Our price = $36.00

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