GSM Cellular Phone FAQs

What is GSM?

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) leads the world as the fastest growing, most reliable and advanced digital technology available in the marketplace today. GSM provides integrated voice mail, high-speed data, fax, paging and short message services capabilities. GSM customers enjoy secure communications, and GSM offers unparalleled call privacy and fraud prevention. As members of the GSM Global Network, GSM subscribers can use their phones at home, across town, across the continent, or around the world (except for with country specific SIM cards). GSM operates on the multiple spectrum frequency bands used around the world - 1900MHZ, which is used in North America and 900MHz and 1800 MHz for other locations. The GSM network provides the best digital wireless voice quality in the world today.

What is a SIM card?

The SIM (Subscriber Information Module) card - a.k.a. "smart card" - holds all of a subscriber's personal information and phone settings. In essence, it is the subscriber's authorization to use the network. It also holds the phone number, personal security key and other data necessary for the handset to function. The card can be switched from phone to phone, making the new phone receive all calls to the subscriber's number.

Where in the world can I use my GSM phone?

At the end of 2000, the GSM Alliance had signed agreements with 217 international carriers representing more than 100 countries. GSM customers can use their phone service at most of the tourist destinations in the world including Europe, Asia (except for Japan and Korea), Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, India, China and other countries and most major cities in the United States and Canada.

Will a 900MHz GSM phone work in the United States?

In most cases, no. 900MHz GSM services will work in Washington DC only. Since Washington DC is home to many foreign diplomats, special considerations have been given to the area. In the US, 1900 GSM service is available in most areas. Please be sure to check local carriers such as Voicestream or Cingular wireless to verify that there is coverage in your area.

What does unlocked mean?

Some cell phones that you would purchase are locked, meaning that you must use the provider's service for receiving phones calls. Since ours are unlocked, you can simply purchase the cell phone and purchase the SIM card elsewhere. Please find more information at Unlock Cell Phone

Are your GSM cell phones unlocked?

All our GSM mobile phones are unlocked - they will work with any GSM 900MHz and/or 1800MHz SIM card - so that you needn't be tied into any specific contract.

Where can I purchase a SIM card?

We offer prepaid SIM cards on our web site. To view our selected prepaid SIM card as well as China recharge cards for existing SIM cards, please click China SIM Card.

When will I get my phone number?

Phone numbers are given through order confirmation.

What language do the instruction manuals come in?

Since GSM phones are intended for Europe, most do not include English language manuals. We will prepare most English language manuals for you. English language manuals also can be downloaded from the manufacturers' web sites.

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