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(China )

I think the iPhone is my best choice for electronic dictionary, but it seems there is no English - Chinese (Pinyin) dictionary available. Anyone know the phone or application, provide a good e-dictionary/translator. I look forward to English- Chinese (Chinese characters and pinyin).

The Chinese electronic dictionary's on the iPhone are excellent and are available on iTunes for free. I personally like Dianhua or KTdict C-E, either free of charge. Wedict also quite comprehensive. Lonely Planet Mandarin phrase book program is also available.

Pleco is a good learning tool, and because it is not only an electronic dictionary, but contains a great flash card program. You can create or import for review flash card lists from other people made. Flash cards includes Chinese characters, pinyin, definition. You may want to spend more after a few days of use to get larger dictionaries but this is actually a very small investment for a program you will probably find yourself using on a daily basis.

There are free applications, such as http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=translate
But these are desktop applications, rather than / PDA phone.

You may also want to look at these free, open source options:

DictionaryForMIDs – an English electronic dictionary for cell phone program. It uses the same CEDICT dictionary used by the well-known MDBG website. http://dictionarymid.sourceforge.net/dict.html
Scroll down to the part of Chinese.
As well as English-Chinese, German-English version is available too.

PocketChinese - a free mobile phone program to learn Mandarin quiz. You can test your spelling in almost any time of the phone and the knowledge of Chinese characters, because it can display Chinese characters, if you have a pen phone, you can use it to test your writing ability. It can also display the word most commonly used stroke order animation. You can create a new quizzes via the website.

These electronic dictionary will run on any standard mobile phone, which runs Java programs. Both of these will run on any standard mobile phone which runs Java programs.

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