Motorola A6288 GSM Cellular Phones

Motorola A6288 GSM Cellular Phone

Mode: GSM 1900
Weight: 5.47 oz (155g)
Dimensions: 3.31" x 1.73" x 0.83" (84mm x 44mm x 21mm)
Form Factor: Flip
Battery Life: Talk: 3.00 hours Standby: 125 hours (5.2 days)
Battery Type: LiIon
Display: Type: LCD (B&W) Backlight: LED Size: 240x320 pixels
Antenna type: Stub / Extendable
Navigation Keys: 2-Way Keys
Phone Book Capacity:
Ringtones: 18
FCC ID: IHDT6BF1 (Approved Sep 28, 2001)
Alarm: Yes
Calculator: Yes
Calendar: Yes
Custom Ringtones: Features full-graphical Ring Tone Composer
Data Capable: via cable or Infrared
Games: Number of games: 3 "Wu Zi Qi", "Sokoban", and "Black Jack"
Headset Jack: Yes
High Speed Data: Technology: GPRS
Infrared: Yes
Java: Yes
Multiple Numbers : Numbers per entry: 8 plus 2 email addresses
PC Sync: TrueSync
Side Keys: Rocker switch, "smart button", and voice memo key
Text Messaging: 2-Way: Yes
To Do List: Yes
Touch Screen: with handwriting recognition and built-in stylus
Vibrate: Yes
Voice Memo: Number of entries: 30 Max. 3 minutes total
Wireless Internet: Yes

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