Blackberry, China GPRS SIM Card

by Randi

I would like to use a blackberry phone that I own while visiting China in a couple of weeks. It is ccurrently NOT activated in the US, but i would like a pre-paid SIm card and would like to be able to read and send email, text messages and BBM.
Will this be possible with your China SIM?


China Mobile doesn't offer BIS for consumers. It only offers BES to enterprise consumers. There is some ideas. Your balckberry should be unlocked. You install google mobile app (more specifically is google sync which sync your contacts and calendars to its server), then when you in China simply switch to China mobile GPRS enabled sim card.

You should install gmail mobile-like app to enable mail service, and gmail do not support attatchment till now. The apps we know includes: Shangmail (which have English version) Berrymail (asfaras I know is in Chinese)& all-mighty gmail.
It is OK for sending/receiving international and local text message with China GPRS SIM card on blackberry.

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