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This page contains information regarding China SMS text messaging in China and other countries

China SMS stands for China Short Message Service, but is more commonly known as "texting". Text messaging is of course hugely popular in China, especially where you consider that the Network Operators never expected it to be a hit - in fact it was 'launched' by accident. Mobile Phone Network Operators used a spare data channel to send each other messages, and it caught on. Improvements to the service, such as T9 predictive text (to help type faster), have helped to improve the service, and a number of enhancements such as enhanced messaging (EMS) led to MMS multimedia messaging (messages with video, photos and sound).

As well as sending text messages to friends, China SMS messages can be used by your operator to send you phone settings over-the-air and software, for companies to send dedicated content (and spam) to your mobile, and for services such as news alerts and competitions.

How to Send Text Message to China Mobile Numbers

86 plus a China mobile phone number (no spaces)

E.g. Texting from an Australia mobile phone to a China mobile number


0011 is Australia international outgoing prefix, 86 is China country code. Find your country international outgoing code. 

E.g. Texting from a China mobile phone to An Australia mobile number


00 is China international outgoing prefix, 61 is China country code. Omit the first 0 of the Australia mobile number.

China SMS Service Centre Numbers

Below is a list of the SMS Service Centre (SMSC) numbers for the main China operators. The SMSC is stored on your phone or SIM, and is used to forward your outgoing text messages to the network operator. If your phone suddenly loses the ability to send a text message - it could be a problem with the SMSC number stored in your phone.

Check your mobile phone's "Message Settings" or "Message Options" entries, and look for "Message Centre" or "SMS Centre number". If you're having problems, try the phone's instruction book, or look for information online (such as the Nokia and Ericsson websites). If in doubt, contact your mobile phone network provider for help.

China Mobile Short Message Service Center Number

China Unicom Short Message Service Center Number

China text Message Service Commands

Writing text messages and send to 10086 (China Mobile, 10011 for China Unicom ). You can get most service from Network Operators' Customer Services. For instance, Sheng Zhou Xing Brand, Beijing China Mobile:

  • Service Life Extension: YCYXQ
  • Free Incoming Calls in Beijing Plan: KTCTWY
  • Cancellation of Free Incoming Calls in Beijing Plan: QXCTWY
  • Missed Call Reminder: KTLD
  • Cancellation of Missed Call Reminder: QXLD
  • Customer service password change: MMBG the original password the new password

        Sheng Zhou Xing Brand, Shanghai China Mobile:

  • Service Life Extension: YCYXQ
  • Service Life Checking: CXYXQ or YXQ
  • Balance Information: YE or YECX
  • Password Information: CXMM/MMCX
  • PUK Information: CXPUK
  • Missed Call Reminder: KTLDTX or LDTX
  • Cancellation of Missed Call Reminder: QXLDTX

Please Note: the service commands are updated from time to time. Before using the above commands, please contact 10086 (China Mobile) to confirm. To contact China Mobile: if you have a Beijing number, please dial 10086 while in Beijing. If you are in other cities, please dial 010-10086. 
A Fee is applied for some services above, such as Free Incoming Calls in Beijing Plan: RMB 10.00.

China Text message Problem and Solving

If you find that you're not able to send SMS text messages, getting a message like "Your SMS cannot be sent", there are a few things to try checking:

  • Check you can make an outgoing voice call. If you can't, it could be that your phone is out of credit, your account is barred, or you're using a phone that doesn't support the SIM card.
  • Check the Message Service Centre Number - using the wrong number, or omitting the correct International prefix will cause messages to fail. China SMSC numbers.
  • Try the SIM in another phone. If the SIM works in another phone, chances are there's something up with the phone or the phone settings. If the SIM fails in the same way on other phones, chances are it's a faulty / corrupted SIM card, or there's a problem at the network operator end - contact your network operator to check your account.
  • Still having problems? Contact your network operator Customer Services people for help, or for general advice, try asking in our forum.

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