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China cell phone rental solutions give you the chance to enjoy the same quality service used by 800 million Chinese people every day. When your China rental phone arrives, you will find it equipped with the local China network service and phone number. The service our partner provides is prepaid; adding more credit is as simple as making a phone call, so you can enjoy seamless communication - China cell phone rental without the hassle of a contract or an expensive roaming bill.

Your China rental phone and SIM card are linked to a prepaid account so that you will always be in complete control of your expenditures. Once you call customer service to arrange for automatic "top-ups" (or online), you will enjoy a very convenient prepaid system.

China cell phone rental provides free incoming call, local Apps and VPN...

You may use your phone not only as a phone but as a travel tool by using translation apps, location map apps, restaurant research apps, and social sharing through apps like Instagram and Facebook. apps like WeChat (the Chinese version of WhatsApp and iMessage ). In order to access numerous popular apps and foreign websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Viber, in China, you will need to utilize a VPN. This page on the Great Chinese Firewall has further information on the topic. Our corporate users include USA Consulate General, And... 

Why do you need China cell phone rental service ?

  • Local network with  the best coverage and the fastest service
  • To protect yourself against security breaches 
  • A cellphone service designed with English-speaking travelers in mind
  • Low rates, fast data speeds
  • To access local free China WiFi, often require  a Chinese cell phone number

Added Benefits of China Phone Rental Service:

  • Get your Chinese phone number and phone package before you leave home
  • Convenient delivery and return of the phone anywhere in North America
  • Customer service which you can access 24 hrs a day
  • Local and international SMS service available
  • Much lower calling rates (national and international), free incoming calls/texts while in China, no surcharges or hidden fees
  • Insurance against loss or damage

Cell Phone Rental Package

Phone Type:

Deluxe, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone X

Rental Package:

  • Includes 500 local or 60 international text messages, 250 local or 125 international call minutes, or both.
  • Free Incoming calls while China
  • Free incoming texts worldwide
  • 1 GB of 4G LTE data is included
  • Comprehensive national coverage
  • Including a VPN for added security
  • Contains a Chinese phone number, with a US number option
  • Add on more call credit and/or data (2GB or 4GB data bungle)

( The above phone types and phone rental package details are subject to change)

Cost to rent a phone

Get $10 off your Cellular Abroad order when you use the promo code ChinaPhones10.

How rent a phone for China works:

1. Order 

You can place an order online or by calling 1-800-287-5072 to speak with one of expert advisors, who can do it on your behalf, ship the phone rental using UPS or FedEx two business days before your departure. For individuals with urgent departures, our partner can deliver the next day (except on Sunday).

2. Receipt

A fully charged rental phone, the call credit you requested, a local Shanghai and US phone number (if ordered), a handy travel pouch, universal chargers and plug adapters, and clear instructions will all be delivered to you.

3. Activate the cell phone

Your rented phone is prepared to use. Simply switch it on when you get to your abroad location and wait for your phone to see the China Unicom network. You are prepared to make and receive calls once you have a network.

4. Return your rented phone

Together with your package, our partner will send you a pre-paid return label. Please keep it and drop off the package when you get back from your trip (as directed) within 2 business days of the last day of your rental period. If the return mailing date falls more than two business days after the last day of your rental period, Cellular Abroad will impose late penalties. Please find Terms & Conditions of Cellular Abroad for further details. 

China cell phone rental FAQ

Why should I rent a phone before going to China?

Renting a phone for your trip to China is a great idea. Not only will it save you money, but it will also make staying in touch with family and friends much easier. It can be difficult to get access to the internet in some parts of China, so having a local phone number will enable you to make calls and stay connected even when you are not near a wifi connection. Additionally, renting a phone can help you avoid roaming charges if you plan on using your own phone while abroad. By leasing a device specifically for your trip, you can save yourself both time and money while still being able to stay connected.

Can I Use All Apps on my China Phone Rental?

The answer to this question is yes, you can use all apps on your China phone rental. However, you must be aware that some apps may not function properly due to regional restrictions. Some apps may also require a local SIM card in order to work properly. Additionally, the app store's selection may be limited depending on your location and device type.

In addition, some app updates may not be available if you do not have an appropriate mobile data plan or wifi connection. It is important to check with your phone rental provider prior to renting the device in order to ensure that all of the necessary requirements are met for using all of the available apps.

Can I in U.S. download WeChat on my Chinese rental phone (or is it for Chinese only)?

It is possible to download WeChat on a Chinese rental phone in the United States. WeChat is a popular messaging and social media app that originated in China, but it has since become available globally. The WeChat app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your phone's operating system. It is important to note that you will need a Chinese phone number to register for an account; if your rental phone does not have one, you may encounter difficulty signing up for the service.

Additionally, some features of the app may only be accessible to those living in China or using a Chinese SIM card, though most of its core functions should still be available to users worldwide. Ultimately, downloading WeChat on a Chinese rental phone in the US is possible, but depending on your specific circumstance, you may experience reduced functionality.

Can you deliver my rental cell phone to an airport?

Our partner does not deliver the phone to the airport.

If I rent a smartphone for China, do I need to worry about VPN, too (e.g. for WhatsApp)? 

If you are considering renting a smartphone for your trip to China, you should definitely take into consideration the need for a VPN. While it may seem like an added expense and hassle, it is actually essential if you want to use popular apps such as WhatsApp. Without a VPN, your connection to these services can be blocked by Chinese government censorship regulations. This means that if you don’t have access to the internet through a secure VPN tunnel, then you won’t be able to connect and make use of these apps. To ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of your rental phone while in China, make sure that you invest in a strong and reliable VPN service before your trip.

What happens if I lose my rental phone while in China?

If you lose your rental phone while in China, the first thing to do is contact the rental company as soon as possible. Depending on their policy, the company may be able to help you locate the lost phone or provide a replacement. In some cases, you may have to pay a fee for your negligence.

If you don’t have a local SIM card, you may need to purchase one in order to make calls and access data services. You should also contact any credit cards associated with your account to report it missing and make sure that no fraudulent charges can be made.

Additionally, if any important information was stored on the device such as passwords or bank information, it is essential that you change these details immediately. This will help protect yourself from identity theft which could have serious consequences.

Finally, you may purchase an insurance from a cellular service company to again the lose. 

Get $10 off your Cellular Abroad order when you use the promo code ChinaPhones10.

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