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china cell phone rental

Our China cell phone rental solution gives you the chance to enjoy the same quality service and rates used by 800 million Chinese people every day. When your China rental phone arrives, you will find it equipped with the local China Mobile service and phone number. The service we provide is prepaid; adding more credit is as simple as making a phone call, so you can enjoy seamless communication - China cell phone rental without the hassle of a contract or an expensive roaming bill.

Your China rental phone and SIM card are linked to a prepaid account so that you will always be in complete control of your expenditures. Once you call customer service to arrange for automatic "top-ups" (or online), you will enjoy a very convenient prepaid system.

China cell phone rental provides free imcoming call while in Beijing ( or Shanghai, Guangzhou ). Please find conditions and details on our order form.

We return remaining credit of the pepaid airtime you ordered. Our corporate users include USA Consulate General, And... 

Added Benefits of Our China Phone Rental Service:

  • Get your phone # via e-mail weeks before you leave home.
  • Convenient delivery and pickup of the phone anywhere in China.
  • Customer service which you can access 24 hrs a day in China.
  • SMS and voicemail service.
  • Much lower calling rates (national and international) than renting a European GSM phone from a service based in the U.S., check it out for yourself before you order.
  • Your guide:
    How to make or receive calls in China and China area code.You must have it in China

First Two Days
Additional Day
* If the order is taken within 7 days before delivery, each addition day rental price for Motorola C119/Nokia phone will be $2/day.
** If rental days exceed 14 days, each additional day is $1/day for all models.

- Standard Prepaid Phone Card Airtime Rate In China
Domestic Calls
International Calls to USA, Canada
$0.10/min (With the IP Code)
International Calls to Other Countries
$0.30 - $0.72/min (With the IP Code)
Incoming Calls
$0.05/domestic message; $0.29/international message
* Dialing IP code prior to international outgoing prefix 00 will save you over 70% cost for international calls. Without IP code,it cost $1.29/min.

How it works:

Ordering online is easy as 1-2-3! Click Order Now and fill out the form. There are a few quick steps to complete the order process.

By phone
Place a China cell phone rental order through our line, Tel: 86-21-51097153 or 021-51097153.

Pick the cell phone package up from one of hotels in any Chinese cities. We can deliver to hotels, offices or residence address in Chinese cities. Delivery cost: $10.00

You can drop off in conciege of hotel, we will pick it up: $10.00 ( $20.00 in Hong Kong ).

* Pick up your phone when you check in hotel from front desk or concierge, and drop off in hotel front desk or concierge when you leave China.

All the charges related to your rented phone will be settled by your credit card after you have returned your phone. 
Deposit: $40 pre-authorization on Credit Card.

Customer Service

China cell phone rental service team can be contacted while in China or other countries.

If you are not in China, please call 86- 21- 51097153.

Call our phone number 51097153 from your mobile phone or from any normal phone if you are in Shanghai. If you are in other cities in China, please call 021- 51097153.

  • From Mon.-Fri. 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • After hours service on 13916830892
  • We will be happy to assist you in English.

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