Wireless Internet on PC in China

by Jim

How can I have wireless internet on my labtop ? I am visiting China in December and would like to know.


You need a "PCMCIA" or "PC Card" modem which is available for GSM, GPRS, EV-DO and UMTS.
The PC cards works like mobile phones except they don't have a screen nor a battery but you plug it into the laptop. The cards come with a piece of software which allows you to enter the PIN (or leave blank), to select the network (e.g. China Mobile) as well as creating a data connection to the Internet. Once connected, you can do mostly everything you can do from your Internet connected home PC as well, browsing the web, sending and receiving E-Mails, etc...

Before you plug the PC card into the laptop, you plug a China GPRS SIM card into this card. The China GPRS SIM card represents the local network carrier.

You may rent an China USB Modem from us.

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