How to Manage Prepaid Account on China GPRS Enabled SIM Cards

by Bob

I used your China GPRS Enabled SIM card (including data) during my trip to China in 12/23-1/11/2011. It works very well and is much cheaper than the AT&T I used before. I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions for me so that I can keep my phone number forever:

(1) I plan to continue add minutes into my current phone number to keep it alive. I added US $16 when I was in Beijing this time and the current expiration date of my phone number is 11/16/2011, I believe. Since China SIM is removed from my phone after my return to the US, is there any way that I could check the balance and add fund into my phone number in the US if necessary, like a website or something? I believe I need to add airtime before the expiration date to continue the use of my current phone number.

(2) I found that I can call US and Taiwan when I was in China by your SIM, but as I travelled in Taiwan, I CAN'T use your SIM. I can't call any number in Taiwan, nor can't I call back to China or the US. Is this normal or I missed something in my dialing when I travelled in Taiwan? If this is normal for the SIM/plan I purchased, do you have any SIM that will allow me to call to/from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong? I needed to switch back to my AT&T SIM when I travelled to Taiwan this time, because I can't use your SIM at all.

Thank you in advance for your advice. I am looking forward to doing business with your company from now on.

1) The balance can not be checked in the US. But we can email the balance to you upon your request. The balance on your account now is $6.06. Please aware that each month has a fee $2.30 deduction for the account keeping. Then, please recharge before the balance ends.

The website for recharge is at Recharge China Mobile

(2) Roaming Taiwan on your SIM card is activated. Local call rate is $0.31 per minute. International calls is $0.79 per minute. When you call China, please dial 002 86 and a mobile number. If calling USA, please dial 002 1 and area code followed by a phone number. It supposed to dial a local number directly. If does not work, you may adjust manually to Taiwan carrier’s name on your phone menu from available network section.

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