Which China 3G network for iphone in China

by Michael

I would like to use China 3G on my iphone 3G. I'm living in China for five years. I just bought a iphone 3Gs and i would like to use the 3g network in China. I have a sim card from China Mobile which i pay everymonth (not a prepaid) and i would like to know how do i get a 3g sim card. I live in Ningbo, in Zhejiang province, and i couldn't find anyone who could help me here. Do i have to change my phone number or can i keep the same as i have know (it would be better for my customer if i don't have to change my phone number). Cani buy ONLY the sim card because i already have a 3g phone?

China Mobile 3G network is not compatible with IPhone 3G. China Mobile 3G is TD-SCDMA network.
Then, unlikely, you keep the same China Mobile number on your iphone while using China Mobile 3g service.

You may use China Unicom 3G service as China Unicom 3G network WCDMA is compatible with your Iphone 3G. China unicom 3G SIM card will provide you a new number starting with 186.

If your Iphone 3G is unlocked phone, you can buy China 3G SIM card (China Unicom) to work on your phone. I recommend that you bring your Iphone 3G and visit China Unicom branch in Ningbo, China.

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