iPhone 3G onto China Mobile Network

by Michael

I have an unlocked iPhone but I do not know what to do once I get China to get it onto the China Mobile Network. Do I just have to go get a China sim card and simply put it in the phone? If so, what is the right sim card to get?


You need a China Mobile GPRS Enabled SIM card to receive and send emails. Not all China prepaid SIM card is GPRS enabled. So when you purchase the SIM card, please ask for GPRS enabled. Also, please request a GPRS plan (package) as 100 yuan (USD18.00) for 50MB. Be sure you have a data connection package from carrier, by default the data connection for web browsering via China Mobile is charged at RMB 0.03/kb.

To configure the GPRS service on iphone 3G, navigate to Settings -> General -> Network -> Edge Use the following settings:

Username: blank
Password: blank

To configure the MMS on iphone 3G,
1. Go to start>settings>connections>add new connection
2. Call it cmwap, set it as a gprs connection

Please find China mobile 3g setting including iphone screen image at China 3g

China 3G SIM Card from China Unicom is at China 3g SIM Card

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