GPRS and China Mobile GPRS Setting

What is GPRS ?

(By China Mobile GPRS or other internet connection, to send emails from any locations in the world, you may also need SMTP2Go Worldwide SMTP Server).

General Packet Radio Service, more commonly known as GPRS, is a new non-voice, value added, high-speed, packet-switching technology, for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks. It makes sending and receiving small bursts of data, such as email and web browsing, as well as large volumes of data over a mobile telephone network possible. GPRS offers faster data transmission via a GSM network within a range 9.6Kbits to 115Kbits.

This new technology makes it possible for users to make telephone calls and transmit data at the same time. (For example, if you have a mobile phone using GPRS, you will be able to simultaneously make calls and receive e-mail massages.) 

With GPRS, you are able to access to E-mail and the Internet on the move via your pocket PC or portable PC. 

Service Access

To use GPRS in China or other countries, the user will need: 

To access GPRS you will need a GPRS capable cell phone and a GPRS enabled SIM card for the country in which you are traveling ( For instance, China GPRS SIM cards are inserted into GSM phones to allow access to networks in China. Not all China SIM cards are GPRS enabled ).

GSM systems are the only cell phone systems where GPRS is currently in use. Blackberry does not work with another country's prepaid SIM card for data service. Please find GPRS/GSM Unlocked Cell Phones from international distributors. Unlocked GSM Palm Handhelds also support GPRS by using overseas prepaid GPRS SIM cards.

Automatic access to the GPRS may be allowed by some mobile network operators, others will require a specific opt-in ( if you cell phone does not automatic access, use your phone menu to set your GPRS connection name to cmnet; cmwap is also supposed to work for WAP only access ).

Knowledge of how to send and/or receive GPRS information using your specific model of mobile phone, including software and hardware configuration (this creates a customer service requirement from phone and PC suppliers).

Please find follwing useful information from China Mobile.

Username: blank
Password: blank
Gateway Address: or

You might have experienced difficulties sending emails from your cell phone or laptop from more than one location (e.g. at home, at work, staying in a hotel, visiting another city or country). This is because the SMTP server assigned to you by your ISP only actually works when you're connected to the Internet through that ISP. As soon as you connect to the Internet through a different network you lose your ability to send emails! This is a security measure used by ISPs to prevent people sending spam through their servers, but it's also an annoying problem for laptop and PDA users who want to be able to use their email on the go. SMTP2Go Worldwide SMTP Server has an SMTP server that works all the time, wherever you are in the world. In other words it can be used from places such as hotels, Internet cafes, airports, wireless hotspots, home or another country.

Sample of Connection Configuration:

Nokia 6610 GPRS 

China Mobile GPRS enabled SIM (Not All China Mobile Prepaid SIMs are GPRS enabled) 

  • Windows 98
  • Infra-red connection configuration
  • China Mobile Steps

    Use your phone menu to set your GPRS connection name to cmnet (cmwapis also supposed to work for WAP only access).

    Technical Setup 

    • Install the Nokia drivers, which can be downloaded from their website. Reboot or whatever as necessary.
    • In Windows 98, make a new dial up networking (DUN) connection. Make the number *99# (or if you're on Windows 98, just 99# will do- for some reason, leading *'s cannot be remembered by Windows 98 DUN, so you always have to modify the number saved in DUN when you connect anyway!). You might like to call the connection Nokia GPRS or something similar. Select the Nokia 6610 (IrDA) modem when prompted.
    • (Explanation: When your phone dials this 'magic number' it establishes a GPRS to your mobile phone service provider, and a normal PPP connection with your computer. Data is forwarded between the two links.)
    • Right click on the new connection's icon, and select the Configure button next to where it says 'Connect Using' ... 'Nokia 6610 (IrDA)'
      Click the Options tab. 
      Check the Bring up terminal window before dialing box. 
      Press OK. 
      Select the Server Types tab. 
      Click TCP/IP Settings. 
      Select Specify name server addresses and add your name server's IP address. 
      Press OK. 
      Press OK.

    Assuming that you have followed the steps above. Here's how to connect.

    1. Use your phone menu to enable infra red.?(You should see a flashing beam icon in the top left of the phone's display.)
    2. Position your phone next to your laptop or computer such that the infra-red beam has an uninterrupted line of sight and that you will not end up looking directly in to an infra red port 
    3. In Windows 98, you should see your little infra red taskbar indicator change from a flashing port to two communicating ones.
    4. Double click on your DUN connection - Nokia GPRS or whatever you called it.
    5. Change the displayed number to *99# as it has probably reverted to 99#.?This is a Windows 'feature'!
    6. Click Connect.
    7. The pre-dial terminal window will pop up.?Select it (it's not always brought to the foreground - another Windows 'feature') ... and hold your finger on a letter key.?Once you start seeing the letter pop up in the terminal window, press F7 (continue).
    8. Here's the tricky part.?Sometimes you will get a connection, sometimes not.?There are various points where the connection can sometime freeze or fail entirely (resulting in a 'Disconnected' message before the connection is actually established), even if all of your equipment is good and your setup is perfect (or at least, the same as mine!).?Here's my experience on each point of failure (listed by displayed DUN status).
    9. Dialing
      If your dialing fails, then maybe you typed the number wrong or your phone cant get a GPRS connection at all. Check to see that your SIM card actually has GPRS service enabled by your service provider.
    10. Verifying Username and Password
      Sometimes the phone locks up in some kind of half-connected mode where the diplay just says 'establishing GPRS' or some such (I dunno - mine's in Chinese) - and never really succeeds.?You can try to dial again, but if this fails, I recommend turning off the phone and turning it on again.?The phone's display will not respond until you do this, in my experience.
    11. Logging on to Network
      I usually find that if there is a failure at this point it is due to Windows timing-out the connection (or perhaps the phone's firmware partly locking up), but it will be remedied by dialing again.?You do not need to reboot the phone as described above in point 2.
    12. You should now be connected.
    13. If you cannot get any traffic to pass along the link, check that your provider's connection name (cmnet for China Mobile) was set up correctly in your phone menu.?Also, double check that your DNS server settings are correct.

    (The above is a sample only. China Mobile Phones takes no responsibilities for setting outcomes. You should consulate with your cell phone and PC equipment suppliers. Our main task is to activate GPRS function with the SIM you purchased from this site.)

    Travelers or laptop users often find it impossible to send emails when away from home or the office. We highly recommend using the SMTP2Go Worldwide SMTP Server, which works from any location in the world! In other words it can be used from places such as hotels, Internet cafes, airports, wireless hotspots, home or the office. 

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