China Data SIM Card

For Your Portable WiFi, USB Modem, Ipad, Mobile Phone or Other Mobile Devices

China Data SIM Card

$33 - 1GB

$39 - 2GB More Data Packages can be added up to 6GB

China data SIM card is available now for customers with applicable mobile devices who wish to access the internet using their own devices while traveling in China. We select two series of wireless prepaid data plans, they are the most ecnomical data plans and support use in whole China.

China Unicom, one of the top mobile service carriers in China, offers 4G LTE data service with nationwide coverage. With its wireless data plans, you can get local mobile internet connection at low rates. 

China Data SIM Card Product Details:

  • Blading fast 4G internet on China Unicom 4G LTE network
  • Nationwide coverage (except for Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan)
  • No activation steps required. Just plug and play
  • No cancellation required after use
  • Rechargeable
  • Support tethering
  • Valid for 90 days & extension available

What Mobile Device You May Use:

  • Ipad
  • Mobile phone 
  • USB modem for laptop
  • Personal WiFi and more mobile devices

How the Data SIM Card Plan Works

For most devices, this SIM card does not require any APN configuration to access Internet; it’s a pure plug and play. But just in  case you may need, you can configure APN as follows.

1) For Android OS and iOS 9.0 earlier:

Entering Settings-> Mobile Network Settings-> Access Point Name-> Menu-> New APN, then you can input the following information:

  • Name: wonet (or 3gnet)
  • APN: wonet (or 3gnet)    
  • username:blank (input the word “blank” )
  • password:blank (input the word “blank” )
  • MCC: 460
  • MNC: 01
  • APN type:default (input the word “default” )

2)  For iOS 9.0 or later

  1. Connect WIFI and input in Safari. (You have to turn off Cellular.) 
  2. Click on “Create APN” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Country: China; Carrier: Unicom(3gnet). Then click “Create APN”.
  4. When “Cellular Profile” page shows, please click “install” on the right of the page.
  5. Finally, please restart your phone.


a) Delivery of your China Data SIM Card to you in in China: 3-4 days delivery to your hotel/hostel in China to be awaiting you upon your arrival.
NOTE: Before the SIM Pack dispatching, we call hotels or other delivery destinations to make sure the pack kept upon you arriving.

If you wish to have the China Data SIM card delivered elsewhere, please choose a delivery option below.

b) 1-4 business days delivery in Australia (via Australia Post): $0.00

c) 5-6 business days delivery in U.S.A.or Canada (via Fedex or others): $45.00

d) 5-6 business days delivery in Western Europe, Eastern Asia or Japan (via Fedex or others): $45.00

e) Estimated 9-15 days delivery in U.S.A., Canada, Western Europe, Australia or Japan (via Postal Service Air Mail): $0.00

f) Estimated 4 weeks delivery in the rest of the world (via Postal Service Air Mail): $0.00

Customer Service

Customer Service can be contacted while in China.

Call our phone number 021-51097153 from your mobile phone or from any normal phone (landline) if you are in China. If you are in overseas, please call 86-21- 51097153.

  • From Mon.-Fri. 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • After hours service on (86) 13916830892
  • We will be happy to assist you in English. 

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