China Data SIM Card


For Your Mobile Phone,Ipad, USB Modem, or Other Mobile Devices

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- Prepaid 4G Mobile China Data SIM Card

- Ideal for family trips, business visits or long-term use

- Sent to most countries

If you want to use your China Mobile number to send and receive text messages and calls overseas, you can apply for a China Mobile virtual number. You don't need to send your sim card by post. You can use it the same day ! 

China Data SIM Card Features

  • Connects immediately after landing, plug and play
  • The 4G network includes the fast FDD-LTE international standard, compatible with most overseas unlocked mobile phones. Check compatibility  The carrier: China Unicom
  • 6GB/10GB data (activate before December 31, 2020)
  • Hotspot /tethering is enabled
  • Does not include calls or text messages (data only)
  • Use 16/30/360 days after activation
  • 3 in 1 SIM card (nano, micro and standard size)
  • Built-in VPN
  • The network covers China and Hong Kong.

What Mobile Device You May Use:

  • Ipad
  • Mobile phone 
  • USB modem for laptop
  • Personal WiFi and more mobile devices

china data sim card
China data sharing

16 Days and 30 Days Data SIM Card

After 6GB data of 4G is used up, network will switch to

unlimited 2G low speed mode.

Emails can be sent and received normally within the number of days period, but hotspot sharing will not be available.

Why choose us to buy a China data SIM card?

  • We started to provide Chinese telecommunication services for international visitors in 2003. We provide mobile communication services for large-scale international events such as the World Expo and the Olympic Games. There are Chinese and English service lines in China to meet customer needs in a timely manner.
  • Built-in VPN: allows you to have direct access to Google, Facebook, Whatsapp or Western websites
  • One time SIM card
  • Transparent rates, no hidden fees
  • Suitable for all unlocked devices (mobile devices, tablets and wifi devices)
  • Paypal is acceptable to protect your privacy 

China data SIM card prices

6 GB       16 days SIM card: $35.00

6 GB       30 days SIM card: $45.00

10 GB    365 days SIM card: $79.00

Frequent questions and answers

How do I activate my internet card and access the internet?

You need to insert the SIM card into the device and turn it on. The APN will set it up automatically, you just need to turn on both mobile data and data roaming in the phone settings. Please use it when you are in China.

How do I make calls and send text messages?

This China data sim card is a data card only.There is no calling and texting function. You may apply for a China virtual mobile number. With data support, you can make calls and send SMS in China anytime. We also sell regular China SIM card with a China mobile number and data included.

Skype is also another option for making international calls. If the country you are calling is not on the list of China virtual mobile phone numbers for international calls , you may consider using Skype.

How do I check my balance?

Please check your balance by pressing *118*50.

What is the validity period of China data SIM Card?

The latest activation date for the data Card is December 31, 2020. Activation before this date will give you 16 days, 30 days or 360 days, depending on the type SIM you purchased.

Can data be shared as a personal hotspot on a mobile device?

Yes, it can be used as a personal hotspot to share data with other phones, tablets and laptops. The 16-day and 30-day cards will switch to unlimited 2G low speed mode when the 6GB of 4G bandwidth is used up. You can send and receive emails during the valid period, but the hotspot sharing function will not work.

How do I know if the data I wish to buy is enough?

The following examples provide a general reference for the amount of data used for each behavior.

1 email: (no attachment) 20KB

1 email (with standard attachment): 300KB

1 minute of web surfing: 250KB (15MB/hour)

Download 1 song: 4MB

1 photo uploaded to social media: 5MB

1 minute standard definition video: 11.7MB (700MB/hour)

1 minute high definition video: 1.7MB (2500MB/hour)

1 minute 4K video stream: 97.5MB (5850MB/hour)

1 minute of online game: 200KB (12MB/hour)

Keep in mind that these examples are only estimates based on typical file sizes. Your usage may be different.


1MB = about 1000KB

1GB = about 1000MB

1TB = about 1000GB

Can I top up?

If you need more data, we suggest you buy several cards and use a new one when you are done with one.

Is there a daily data limit? For example, only 300MB or 500MB per day?

There is no daily data usage limit. 


China data SIM card is shipped by SF Express. Fee is in USD.

China (delivery to hotel)

5-6 days: $4.00

Singapore Malaysia South Korea

Approx. 7 days: $15.00


Approx. 7 days: $20.00

North America

Approx. 10 days: $22.00

United Kingdom France Germany Netherlands Sweden Spain Portugal Belgium Luxembourg

Approx. 12 days: $33.00


Approx. 12 days: $33.00

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