More Information on GSM Phone Sale and Conditions

More Information on GSM Unlocked Cell Phones Sale

A GSM cell phone that operates on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency. With a China prepaid SIM Card, it provides coverage in China. With other country appropriate sim cards, the phone provides coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim (including Australia).

A world cell phone with the GSM 1900 frequence (900/1800/1900 frequencies) will expand coverage to include the United States, Canada and a growing part of South America. ( we sell tri-band and dual-band GSM phones )

  • All GSM cell phones listed on this site are SIM unlocked and will work with any SIM card from any GSM carrier in the world. (It can be used by simply slipping in a SIM card.)
  • Pre paid cards are "rechargeable," you can add money when and if you use up your air time.
  • Each GSM cell phone includes: a wall charger, a battery and a call guide in China.

Our sales conditions are very simple and straightforward:

  • All phone purchases come with an initial $16 in prepaid calling credit. So the phones is ready to make calls.
  • You may reserva phone(s) as far in advance as you like and phone #(s) will be provided via e-mail within 5 business days (Mon.-Fri.) of full purchase confirmation.
  • In order to receive your phone # via e-mail, all applicable payments must be made via Pay Pal secure online payment.
  • To guarantee phone(s) they must be reserved and paid for at least 8 business days (Mon.-Fri.) in advance (prior to the scheduled delivery date). If you do not reserve ahead we will do the best we can to accommodate you but can not guarantee phone availability.
  • Purchases cancelled after payment is made will result in a 50% loss of the phone price. Please be sure you want a phone before reserving and paying for it.
  • All phones include a charger.
  • Required accessories must be requested and paid for with the phone at the same time.
  • Phone models and colors as well as accessories are subject to availability.

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