Replacement of China Mobile SIM

by Michael

My China Mobile sim card will not work anymore. It is pre-paid number. Yesterday I was in Hong Kong and the phone got a reception there for a little while (I think on PCCP)
But now in Shanghai if wont work at all and the phone says "enter sim" Can I save my contact numbers off my sim and keep my existing number with a new sim card.


Regarding replacement of China Mobile SIM, please go to China Mobile branch, the same city where you purchased the sim card. I suggest you to take the sim card and sim card ID card ( in the sim card pack at the time purchasing ) to China Mobile branch. If you got the sim card ID card or already registered your name with China Mobile, the same number can be kept.

If your contact numbers were saved on your phone, it is Ok. You can find them on the phone menu. If you saved the contact numbers on your SIM card, the new sim card can not bring back those data even your keep the existing number with a new sim card.

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Nov 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have also lost my sim card. I have registered it but I'm not in the city I registered it anymore. I am now at Hangzhou zhejiang province. I want to know if I can get the same sim card in any China mobile at Hangzhou here because I can't go to the city I registered it, it's very far from Hangzhou (it's jinzhou liaoning province). But I need my sim card urgently. Please help me solve it.

Answer: Please call Hangzhou China Mobile first. It is a toll free number from your mobile phone: 10086.

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