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China Mobile Communications Corporation, also known as CMCC, is the largest mobile phone operator in China. It is the world's largest mobile phone operator ranked by number of subscribers, with 415 million customers (as of June 30, 2008). By turnover it is second to Vodafone, which owns 3.3% of the Corporation.

Brands and Phone Number:

The Corporation operates not only basic mobile voice services but also value-added services such as data, IP telephone and multimedia. It has the right to operate Internet services and the international gateways, reputed for its brands like Go Tone, Easyown and M-Zone, and provides services through network numbers of 139,138,137,136,135,134 and 159. The China cell phone number has 11 digits.


The Corporation has established a comprehensive network with large coverage. 100% of the counties (cites) had been covered by network with seamless coverage on the backbone lines and indoor coverage in key urban areas.

Minutes Recharge

China Mobile's operations are segmented by province. Each branch sets its own SIM card, so if you purchase the SIM card in Shanghai and you may not able to recharge in Beijing if your SIM card is run out of minutes. So we would like to recommend the national recharge service to you.

No matter where you go to recharge your SIM card, please tell the concierge service personnel (e.g. at a hotel) where your SIM card from. It is because that in different cities the recharge card can do the refill service for the limited SIM card. If you refill the wrong one, your airtime will not be added and it recharge card may sometimes go void.

Prepaid SIM Card & International Calls

Easyown (Hanyu Pinyin: Shenzhouxing) is a basic China SIM card and the most popular of the three brands. Marketing schemes and price plans vary between regions. In Shanghai, Easyown customers have access to many GoTone services such as voice mail upon payment of additional fees. However, certain value-added features are restricted to GoTone and M-zone customers.

Although, you may also purchase the gotone – China SIM card in the street shops, some obstacles may exist. For the GoTone SIM card on the China Market mostly contains the inactivated international call service. It means even you have a SIM card on hand; you are merely access to the basic service of China Mobile Communication - domestic calls. Ensure you get the right card, please confirm the features first, and then act. Some SIM cards, Easyown, ( Shenzhouxing ) have activated international call service. Guangzhou Shenzhouxing SIM card had activated international call service. But now users need to register the service at Guangzhou branches before using the international call service.

Monthly Fee

Customers may choose between caller-pays and prepaid tariff plans. A monthly fee is usually levied for caller-pays tariffs, e.g. 16 yuan for Easyown prepaid customers in Shanghai. International visitors may choose China prepaid cards (plans) without paying monthly fee. Or you may ask instructions to cancel monthly fee before leaving China. If you don't cancel the monthly fee, your SIM card or number will be invalid sooner as a fee is deducted every time on your remained balance

Text Message Service

For getting in touch quickly, international SMS is a convenient way to send short text message overseas. Not all prepaid SIM cards have international SMS feature. Ensure you get the right card, please confirm the features first, and then purchase.

Send a text message to China Mobile service center with a specific code in the body of the message and you can receive your account balance. You can also start or stop a service as you wish.

For example, to subscribe to M-News service and receive twice-a-day news updates from China's English newspaper, China Daily, simply send a text. There are many services to which you can subscribe using the Text Message Service Center. Many of the codes and services vary from China Mobile branch to branch.

China Handsets

The most China cell phones you may purchase in China is GSM 1800/900 bands. Don't buy CDMA cell phones in China. It will not work in other countries. Here is more advices for purchasing China mobile phone if you already arrived.

China Cell Phone Wholesale

There are many reputable Chinese factories who produce high quality product for the Chinese domestic market and international markets. Here is more details for China cell phone wholesale Sourcing.

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