China 5G Plan

The China 5G plan is undoubtedly more expensive than the 4G package currently launched, and the cheapest package starts at 10 yuan per month. But China Mobile said China's first 5G plans were indeed quite cost-effective compared with the 5g plans in Japan and the UK, and even 4G plans with comparable domestic data packages.


1. 5G network

1.1 The differences between China 5G and 4G, and the obvious advantages

1.2 China 5G coverage 

1.3 The difference between China Mobile 5G and China Unicom 5G

2. China 5G plan rollout

2.1 Commercial use

2.2 How do we use 5g service?

2.3 5G mobile phone

2.4 Do we have to buy a new phone?

3. China Mobile 5G plan prices

4. China Unicom 5G Plan prices

China Telecom 5G Plan prices

China 5G Network

What are the differences between China 5G plan and 4G, and what are the obvious advantages?

The biggest benefit of 5g network is that it is faster than 4G. In addition to high speed, 5g also has the advantages of low delay, large capacity, better bandwidth and high reliability. In terms of high speed, 5g network speed is more than 10 times that of 4G. 

In the case of 5G network environment, 1 GB movie can be downloaded in 1-3 seconds, basically no more than 10 seconds. In terms of low delay, the blink time of human is 100 ms, while the delay of 5g has reached the millisecond level, which is only one-tenth of that of 4G. You can go one step further than ordinary 4G customers when buying tickets online, and you will also have better interactive experience when making video calls. 

In terms of large capacity, 5g network connection capacity is larger. Even if 50 customers are accessing the internet at the same time in one place, they can also have a speed experience of more than 100Mbps.

Do I have China 5G coverage in my city or region?

Up to now, China Mobile has provided 5G network experience service to customers in 52 cities in 31 provinces. You can visit the "China Mobile App - 5g zone - 5g around", checking the 5g network coverage around you and the 5g experience.

What is the difference between China Mobile 5G and China Unicom's 5G?

China Mobile and China Unicom are different in coverage and construction scale of 5G. China Mobile has more investment in network and more base stations. At present, more than 20000 5G base stations have been built in 52 major cities, and more than 50000 5G base stations will be built by the end of 2020.

China 5G Plan Rollout

When will China Mobile 5G be put into commercial use? When will 5G be officially opened?

China Mobile is rapidly deploying 5G network construction. It is expected to achieve 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities in 2019. In 2020, the network coverage will be further expanded to provide 5g commercial services in all cities above the prefecture-level.

How can I use 5g service?

China Mobile has launched a 5G three-in-one subscription service. You can log in to the 5G network and enjoy the 5G network without changing your SIM card, mobile number, or additional registration. Just upgrade to a 5G plan and order a 5G phone package.

I have changed to a 5G mobile phone, can I use 5G network directly?

You can use the same 4G USIM card, as long as your 5g mobile phone is set correctly and you have ordered one of the 5g plans, you can use 5g within the coverage of 5g network. You can turn on the 5g switch through phone setting path of 'Settings - Wireless and network - Mobile Network - enable 5g'.

Can I use my 4G mobile phone for the mobile 5G network?

As 5G adopts new technologies and frequencies, the current 4G mobile phones do not support 5G networks. It is recommended that you read more the 5G mobile phone information in the China Mobile App-5G Zone, or you can purchase it directly in the zone.

China Mobile 5G Plan Prices

Monthly Charges 

  • 128 yuan: 30G domestic data, 500 minutes domestic calls
  • 198 yuan: 60G domestic data, 1000 minutes domestic calls
  • 298 yuan: 100G domestic data, 1500 minutes domestic calls
  • 398 yuan: 150G domestic data, 2000 minutes domestic calls
  • 598 yuan: 200G domestic data, 3000 minutes domestic calls

China Unicom 5G Plan Prices

129 Yuan Package

Domestic call:500 minutes,

Domestic data:30GB

159 Yuan Package

Domestic call:500 minutes,

Domestic data: 40GB

199 Yuan Package

Domestic call:1000 minutes,

Domestic data: 60GB

239 Yuan Package

Domestic call:1000 minutes,

Domestic data: 80GB

299 Yuan Package

Domestic call:1500 minutes,

Domestic data: 100GB

399 Yuan Package

Domestic call:2000 minutes,

Domestic data: 150GB

599 Yuan Package

Domestic call:3000 minutes,

Domestic data: 300 GB

  • Additional call: 0.15 yuan per minute,
  • Sending sms and MMS: 0.10 yuan per message,
  • Additional domestic data: 3 yuan / GB

China Telecom 5G Plans

Monthly Charges 

  • 129 yuan: 30 GB  + 500 minutes national call
  • 169 yuan: 40 Gb  + 800 minutes national call
  • 199 yuan: 60 GB  + 1000 minutes national call
  • 239 yuan: 80 GB  + 1000 minutes national call
  • 299 yuan: 100 GB  + 1500 minutes national call
  • 399 yuan: 150 GB  + 2000 minutes national call
  • 599 yuan: 300 GB  + 3000 minutes national call

Call display feature is included in the package.

Data and calls minutes are used in mainland China only, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

China 5g plan

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