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If you take your cell phone with you when you travel, whether for business or pleasure, do not forget to take your charger with you. Packing your wall charge in a bag to take with you will not only ensure that you continue to use your phone charger, but you save the extra cost of having to buy a new one while traveling. If you will be traveling by car or rent a car at your destination consider taking your car charger. Traveling in Asia (e.g. China) or Europe, you will need to purchase an adapter for your wall charger U.S. or buy a European-style charger for your phone when you arrive at your destination. Also consider taking along a spare battery for your mobile phone, in case you find yourself in a place where you can not charge your phone for a long period of time.

There are valuable accessories that make your use more convenient cell phone and other accessories you want to give your phone a new character. Because of the abundance of accessories, it is often difficult to come to a conclusion precisely what to buy and what not to purchase.  

Batteries, handsfree headset and car chargers are good cell phone accessories and also a must to have these days when traveling. When you're on the road, you do not have to worry that your phone can run on batteries that you can still use the batteries and / or recharge through the car charger. Travelers at high power may still have an emergency battery charger with them to abstain from any inconvenience.  

A hands-free headset is a godsend for almost anyone driving and talking on the phone at the same time. It is proven to benefit your response time compared to holding the cellphone to your head.  

Digital cameras in phones is a must always have phone features these days and with improved technology you could get 2 megapixel camera in the phones. It gives you the chance to take a photo and forward it to your loved ones from anywhere in the world.   

The USB data cables are also progressing to being more of a necessity, it allows you to transfer data from your phone to a PC or vice versa. 

Smart phone protection cases and cell phone anti-theft bags are a handy way to protect your expensive smart phones from theft. Now you can also keep your cellphone, camera and music at hand while swimming.

All you need is the right accessories to give your phone a clean life and complement your personality.

List of cell phone accessories for international travel

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Share your experience/review with cell phone accessories ? Help others on their international trip or at home. 

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Share your experience/review with cell phone accessories ?

Share your experience or review about cell phone accessories ? Help others on their their international or domestic travel.

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