China Phone Code

China Code

China Country Code 

Country code 2 letters (official abbreviation): CN

Country code 3 letters: CHN

Country code 3 digits: 156

Country code ISO ISO 3166-2: CN

China Phone Country Code: 86

Internet country code (TLD): .cn

Aircraft country code: B

Country code China registration car/vehicles (number plate, number plate): RC

Capital city: Beijing

Currencies: Yuan

china phone code

How to make phone calls to China

To be able to call internationally, you need to take a few steps to get this done. First and foremost, it is important to use the correct international exit code. Then you need the correct country code, the correct region number, and finally, the correct telephone number. Only when all these steps have been completed can you make your call to China.

The first step for calling China is to use the correct international exit code. This is actually the number you should use to call a location outside the country in question. If you call from the Netherlands, the correct exit code is 00. Then you need the country code for China. China's country code is +86, or 0086 in full if you immediately add the correct exit code.

In most countries international exit code is 00. Only a handful countries exit code is 011.  List of international exit code (call prefixes) is here

By entering 0086 before the specific telephone number, you in fact indicate that you want to call China. A country code is called a country code and often the country code or even the area code. To give a small example. If you call the fictitious number 3854 8513, you write it down on your device as 00 86 3854 8513.

Country Code China

The country code for China can have many meanings. For example, it is not only an alternative name for the country code but also an international standard to make the Chinese origin clear in various ways. For example, the 2-letter country code of China is CN, the 3-letter country code is CHN, the numerical code is 156, and the ISO code is ISO 3166-2:CN. Do you want to reach a Chinese website online? Then you need to add the extension .cn to the website in question. The Chinese country code is B for aircraft and RC for vehicles.

China Area Code

The area code is also a synonym for the country code and is therefore +86 as far as China is concerned. However, the full area code is not only the +86 but also the area code. This region number is intended to indicate the exact location in China and can be 3-4 digits long. Given the immense size of China and its gigantic population (there are more than 1.3 billion Chinese), it is quite logical that there are an awful lot of region numbers. So it's a good idea to look it up. Then enter the local phone number and check the local time and you can call.

China area code: 3-4 digits   021

Please add an area code when you call a landline phone number, starting with +86, Omit the first 0 of the area code when you dial from your country number.

Please don't add an area code when you call a mobile number, starting with +86 followed by the mobile number.

If you call a China mobile number from another China mobile number, you don't need to add China country code 86, just directly call 11 digits mobile number. If you call a China mobile number from your country mobile number, you need to add China country code, even you are in China.

A completed China area code list

China Country Code for WhatsApp

Add a phone number in international format

Open your phone's address book.

When adding the contact's phone number, start with a plus sign (+).

Then enter the country code followed by the full phone number.

Note: A country code is a numeric prefix that must be entered before the full national phone number to call another country. You can search for the country code you want online.

You would therefore write a China mobile number (country code '86') with the telephone number '139168xxxxx' as +86 139168xxxxx. The China mobile number has no area code.

How Many Digits is China Phone Number?

When entering international phone numbers, type the plus sign + and the country code, followed by the local number.

See the examples below.

Recipient's Country/Region

China Country/Code: 86

Local landline phone number: 7-8 digits  335345678

China mobile phone number: 11 digits   13916845789

Public service numbers such as police: 3-5 digits

Enterprise business service numbers starting with 400: 10 digits

The mobile phone number in mainland China starts with 1 (92 and 98 are reserved for the future) and has 11 digits. The first 7 digits are usually called the mobile phone number, which can be used to distinguish the operator and the place of belonging, and its role is similar to that of a fixed telephone area code, but it does not correspond to each other. Example: 1XX-YYYY-ZZZZ

  • The 1st-3rd digit indicates the telecom operator (1XX).
  • The 4th-7th digit indicates the area code, i.e. the place of belonging (YYYY).
  • The 8th-11th digit indicates the customer number (ZZZZ).

China Mobile 

Mobile phone numbers starting with 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 147, 150, 151, 152, 157, 158, 159, 182, 183, 187, 188

China Unicom

Mobile phone numbers beginning with the digits 130, 131, 132, 141, 143, 145, 155, 156, 185, 186

China Telecom 

Mobile phone numbers starting with digits 133, 142, 144, 146, 148, 149, 153, 180, 181, 189

After the implementation of portability, the mobile phone number can no longer reflect the current operator for users who have successfully carried out the portability transfer (but it can still reflect the place of belonging, and some third-party recharge platforms can still obtain the actual operator information), so the content shown in this article is only applicable to mobile phone numbers that have not carried out the portability transfer.

When calling a non-local mobile phone number (regardless of the actual location of the called party) from a landline in mainland China, you must add 0 to the dialed number and the call will be charged at the domestic long-distance rate.

China Data Card Numbers

The data card is also known as an internet card. The China Unicom data card number is 145, the China Mobile data card number is 147 and the China Telecom data card number is 149.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

More than 40 mobile virtual operators in mainland China have launched 170 and 171 numbers, which are exclusive to virtual operators. In July 2018, China Unicom was awarded a new virtual operator number, number 167. In January 2019, China Mobile was awarded a new virtual operator number, number 165.

The first four digits of the 11-digit mobile phone number in this type of number band are used to distinguish the base operator, and the number is resold by the base operator to the virtual operator. Find China virtual mobile numbers.

IoT Numbers

Mainland China IoT number starts with 1, among which the number starts with 140-144 has 13 digits, the first 5 digits are called IoT network number, the first 9 digits are usually called IoT number; the rest of the number is 11 digits, same as a cell phone number. IoT number is similar to a cell phone number.

Example: 14XXX-YYYY-ZZZZ

  • The 1st-5th digit indicates the telecom operator (14XXX).
  • The 6th-9th digit indicates the area number, i.e. the place of belonging (YYYY).
  • The 10th-13th digit indicates the customer number (ZZZZ).

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